IUI Treatment

IUI Treatment

What is IUI Treatment?

Intrauterine insemination, also known as IUI treatment is the type of infertility treatment in which sperm is directly injected inside the uterus to conceive. Here the sperm is first washed and the best-chosen sperm is then inseminated into the woman’s uterus and the conception then follows naturally.

Although IVF treatment is one of the advanced options to help couples conceive a pregnancy. However, sometimes doctors recommend a rather less invasive procedure such as the IUI Treatment itself.

When is IUI Treatment for Pregnancy Performed?

Intrauterine Insemination is one of the most common procedures, performed when fertility doctors find out that there are abnormal semen parameters or even when there is an incompatibility between the cervical mucus and sperm. It is one of the procedures carried out by doctors to overcome the male partner’s problem with respect to his inability to ejaculate the sperm inside the woman, because of premature ejaculation, sperm motility, or any other medical conditions such as impotence. Moreover, there is no denying the fact that IUI Treatment considerably increases the chances of conceiving a pregnancy, as the sperm is injected directly inside the uterus.

Conditions in Which IUI Fertility Treatment is Needed

Inability to conceive a baby might be due to varied factors. Intrauterine Insemination is usually referred to couples facing issues such as

Male Infertility:
In cases where the male partner is incompetent to father his baby, the doctor might recommend IUI Treatment by using donor sperm to achieve a pregnancy. In such circumstances, frozen sperm specimens are utilized to inseminate it inside the woman’s womb.

Unexplained Infertility:
In conditions where the cause of infertility is unknown (unexplained infertility), IUI Treatment is often performed by doctors along with the help of ovulation-inducing medicines.

Cervical Factor Infertility:
A woman’s cervix is at the lower end of her uterus, which provides an opening between the vagina and the uterus. The mucus produced by the cervix at the time of ovulation allows an ideal environment for the sperm to travel. Sometimes the cervical mucus itself does not allow the sperm to travel to the ovum due to certain medical complications. In such conditions, injecting sperm directly can significantly increase the chances of conceiving a baby.

Endometriosis Related Infertility:
IUI treatment specialists sometimes recommend this treatment to those women with endometriosis issues. Using medications in order to obtain good quality eggs and then performing the IUI procedure is often recommended as the first treatment.

Ovulation Disorder:
IUI treatment is also recommended for those women facing ovulatory factor infertility. Here the ovulation medications are given to the women and then the IUI Treatment procedure is carried out, for a successful pregnancy outcome.

Semen Allergy:
Although rare, sometimes an allergy to proteins in the semen might also cause infertility. The ejaculation in the vagina causes redness, swelling, and burning sensation in women. Although a condom can certainly protect the woman from contacting the allergy, at the same time it will also prevent her from being pregnant. In such a case, IUI poses to be an effective treatment, as most of the proteins are removed from the sperm while washing them before they are injected.

Best IUI Treatment in India

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