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About Us
About Mediocver Fertility

Why is Medicover Fertility the right choice for you?

Medicover is a leading international healthcare provider based in Europe and has an expanding footprint in India.

* Although IVF treatment is one of the advanced options to help couples conceive a pregnancy. However, sometimes doctors recommend a rather less invasive procedure, such as the IUI Treatment itself.


Medicover’s India journey started in the year 2016 to address the growing needs for fertility issues in the country.

  • Every 3 hours, a Medicover baby is born worldwide, showcasing the high success rates of our Fertility Treatments.
  • Medicover Fertility offers a standardised, ethical, and advanced fertility treatment to its patients with the state-of-art technology, clinical embryologists, dedicated nurses, a team of fertility experts and other extensive services.
  • Medicover Fertility brings European standard of operating protocols which have been designed and validated over multiple European countries under the guidelines of ESHRE, an authority for infertility treatment in Europe.
  • The clinics exceed national and international standards required by organizations including the WHO, ICMR and ASRM.
  • The fertility centres of Medicover Fertility also offer unique services, including access to Independent International Ethical Board, complete transparency in fertility treatment, as well as a finance facility with a zero per cent interest rate.
  • Medicover labs have the most advanced medical technology, and the same best practices are followed that are followed in European centres.
  • With its strong presence in India and the core mission to deliver world-class healthcare services deep-rooted in its core values and legacy, Medicover Fertility has brought smiles to a lot of childless couples. Launched in July 2016, almost 6 years ago, Medicover Fertility has now grown to 22 fertility clinics.

You’re making the right choice when choosing Medicover Fertility.


  • Today, Medicover is present in 22 countries: Germany, Sweden, Poland, Turkey, Belarus, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Georgia, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Finland, Malta, Norway, Moldova, Ukraine, UK and India.
  • Medicover is recognised as the largest private-sector employer of medical professionals in Central and Eastern Europe, employing over 5,000 medical professionals.
  • It is dedicated to providing the highest quality care, delivered with integrity, kindness and respect.
  • Medicover has consistently met the stringent standards of the ISO Quality Management System and is deemed to be in conformance with all requirements. It works together to create an organisation worthy of ISO certification.