Why Shouldn’t You Delay Infertility Treatment?

Many a time it might have come to the mind of couples trying to conceive that they should wait for the same or should go ahead now. What is the right time to plan your pregnancy or how much they can delay or when is the right time to seek the help of an infertility specialist or avail infertility treatment?

These couples who might have successfully utilized IVF techniques to build their families fail to benefit from these technologies just because they delayed their fertility treatment. Around 1 in 7 couples have difficulty conceiving, but only a few seek medical help to have a child, most of them stop short of IVF, this holds true even when their chances of achieving a pregnancy through IVF are good.

What Makes Couples Delay Infertility Treatment?

The concept of delayed parenthood & delaying infertility treatment is slowly increasing nowadays. Careers get preference and accumulation of assets is a priority. Family planning takes a back seat. The theory that most people follow now is about securing themselves financially before they have a child. That way, they can give the child all the comforts and necessities in life. So, this has resulted in couples to plan a pregnancy at an advanced age.

More couples are pushing past the 35 years age mark before they start a family. Many women are planning a second pregnancy after 35. The number of women who are planning their first child after 40 has also significantly increased over the last decade.At this age they may face fertility issues, but still they hold out hope for getting pregnant on their own.The truth is that with age couples find it difficult to get pregnant even with fertility treatment.

Another reason for delaying infertility treatment may arise from the feeling of fear: fear of failure of the procedure, fear of its costs. They do not understand the value of time of fertility treatment. They delay medical intervention because they are not sure of their options or hoping they might get pregnant on their own. The truth is that there is a lack of awareness about infertility, and a couple facing infertility should first acknowledge and accept it. Accepting the condition and visiting a fertility doctor in time could be a massive step towards their journey to parenthood and give them their bundle of joy.

The Reasons Why Not To Delay Fertility Treatment:

Age affects female/male fertility: Infertility is defined as an inability to conceive after a year of trying, and for women who are over 35 years, infertility is considered when they are unable to conceive after six months of trying. With age, the quality and quantity of eggs diminish. As soon as the female realises this; she should proceed with treatment. Timely treatment can successfully increase her chances of having a healthy pregnancy and delivering a baby.

Studies have revealed that the quality and the quantity of the sperm also start to diminish with a man’s age. An older man who is not able to conceive successfully may have an increased chance of DNA damage in his sperm. These abnormalities may result in the birth of a child with congenital disabilities, psychiatric conditions and may increase the risk of miscarriage during pregnancy.

Timing of treatment: At Medicover fertility, we time your fertility treatment with your menstrual cycle. Fertility treatments just cannot be performed at any time. So even if you are ready, your body may not be, and you have to wait before your treatment begins. Treatment can take time depending on the medical history in case women who do not have a period or do not have a regular monthly cycle. At Medicover Fertility, we prepare a treatment plan as per individual need.

Preserve fertility if you want to delay pregnancy: A female is born with a fixed number of eggs, and as she ages, the quality and quantity of eggs available significantly decreases, and they do not create more eggs throughout their lifetime, thus reducing fertility. It is known as the ovarian reserve. If one decides to proceed with fertility treatments such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or egg freezing, the eggs/embryos that are retrieved/created as a result of treatment can be preserved and used later if she decides to delay pregnancy.

  • What is Egg freezing: Egg freezing Oocyte cryopreservation is a procedure to preserve a woman’s eggs /oocytes during their prime fertile time of life. This technique is helpful in enabling women to postpone pregnancy to a later date. Women consider this procedure because of medical reasons such as cancer treatment or social reasons such as professional development.
  • What is Embryo freezing: Embryo freezing or cryopreservation is a method of preserving the viability of embryos. This is done by carefully cooling the embryos to a very low temperature (-196 degree Centigrade). The procedure is carried out in the laboratory using specialised freezing equipment, and the embryos are then safely stored in liquid nitrogen for an extended time. This is beneficial for some couples who are having fertility treatment and have leftover embryos after their first IVF cycle. The embryos are frozen, so they can be used at a later stage, without the hassles of going through the process of hormonal injection, egg retrieval all over again.

Fertility testing takes time: When you first visit a doctor for your infertility problems a series of tests will be recommended to understand the cause of infertility and accordingly a treatment protocol will be chalked out for you. Hormonal tests (FSH, LH, E2) and follicular studies are timed according to your monthly cycle. The male partner is needed to provide a semen sample for a semen analysis. Depending on the results of the preliminary investigation, you may be required to undergo additional tests which again may take time.

Infertility treatment takes time: Infertility treatment takes time, but it is worth when you get a positive outcome: It’s always not that two people genuinely in love can will themselves to becoming parents. Conceiving is not easy when you experience infertility. Some couples find difficulty in conceiving the second time; this is called secondary infertility, sometimes they are surprised and even frustrated at the thought that what is taking them so long to conceive their second child. So, if you start your fertility treatment now, rather than later, it would mean getting closer to your dream of parenthood, and you can meet your bundle of joy much sooner.

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