What does it mean to be a parent?

For every person, being a parent holds a different meaning. In general, being a parent can be associated with happiness, fulfilment of life’s greatest purpose. Each generation lives through the next. For many couples being parents of a newborn baby brings great joy. Your whole life revolves around the tiny little being. 90% of your thoughts are centred on your baby and its needs. You happily go through sleepless nights as a loving sacrifice for your baby. Your life is filled with pleasure, and you feel blessed.

Parents who have two or more children are so caught up in the mundane tasks of raising their children. At times they long for a break. But try distancing a parent from their children, and it won’t be long before they will long to be reunited with their children.

While parents are thankful for their children, there are numerous other couples who would give anything to have a child of their own. Being a parent is the greatest desire of their life. It is rather unfortunate that infertility prevents so many people from knowing the joys of parenthood.

The longing to have a child has resulted in women going into a deep depression, getting physically sick and even committing suicide because they have lost their will to live.

Infertility has led to relationship breakups and divorces because the pressure is too much, and it puts a strain on their marriage.

Today one in every 6 couples faces problems with infertility. These statistics are not just in western countries but even plague third world countries like India and other Asian countries.

The fate of a childless woman

A woman who cannot conceive in a third world country is condemned. She lives with a stigma. She fears people are talking about her behind her back, and it is a well-confounded fear. A woman labelled as barren cannot hold her head up and walk. She hangs her head down, hoping that people will not notice her presence. She wished she was invisible. Believe it or not, this is not just the case in rural areas but among the educated urban society as well.

Couples living in a nuclear family with a modern lifestyle are not exempted from the condemnation of society. However, they have found alternative ways to protect themselves. Their infertility becomes a well-guarded secret. Couples who are not able to conceive dismiss their social circle with claims that they do not plan to have children. Inquisitive friends and neighbours still wonder what the real truth is.

Is there hope for an infertile woman?

Some women have fertility problems that can easily be resolved. It could be a blockage of the fallopian tubes or some other minor problem. A visit to the gynaecologist could sort out your problem. If the problem is complicated, the ideal option is to visit an IVF fertility clinic. There is a very strong possibility you will find a solution that can abolish your infertility.

Infertility is a health problem that has a solution. Advances in medical sciences have made it possible for infertile women to conceive and have a healthy normal baby. You needn’t worry about what others will say, because no one will ever know you had an IVF baby unless you choose to tell them yourself.

Medicover offers hope for your dream. Before you extinguish your desire for a child, visit your nearest Medicover Fertility Clinic for a free consultation and speak to a fertility consultant.

Don’t just dream of a baby – let it become a reality. Know first-hand what it means to be a parent.