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IUI Cost Mandi in February 2023- Medicover Fertility

Are you considering IUI Treatment? Well then, it is significant to know the IUI cost in Mandi before going for the treatment. Today infertility is a common problem that affects 1 in every 6 couples. IUI Treatment is one of the simplest and best among all the rest. You must be surprised to know that this place draws a lot of medical tourism because of the budget-friendly cost of IUI in Mandi.

Before going for the treatment, a patient is also sceptical about which  fertility centre  to avail treatment from. Well, there’s nothing to worry about at all, as Medicover fertility Mandi can significantly meet up to your expectations. It is one of the leading European fertility chains dedicated to providing the best treatment to its patients with world-class fertility.

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Cost of IUI Treatment in Mandi

Intrauterine Insemination, also known as IUI Treatment, is a less invasive and simple ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) that is usually prescribed as the first line of infertility treatment to patients facing infertility. And the overall cost of the treatment is greatly influenced by the processes involved in it.

The IUI Treatment Cost in Mandi varies from person to person, depending upon the complications they are facing, their medical history, etc. However, the overall cost circulates around Rs 15000 to 40000. And since it is a low-risk process that does not involve complications, the chances of conceiving a pregnancy are higher as compared to other treatment options.

However, in order to find out the actual cost of IUI treatment in Mandi, you need to speak to a fertility specialist  who will guide you through the entire process.

Factors Influencing the IUI Cost in Mandi

The IUI Treatment cost in Mandi is not too much high as it mainly depends upon the couple's infertility complexity. For one cycle, excluding the cost of medications and other add-ons, it might just cost you around INR 10000-15000.

Moreover, the overall cost of IUI Treatment in Mandi varies, depending on the number of cycles it took to impregnate the woman, age factor, stimulation medications, etc.

Some of the factors on which the IUI Cost in Mandi depends are:

1. Number of Cycles: The average success rate of IUI treatment for women who are below 30 is around 30%, which again is just between 20% in those who are between 30-40 years of age bar and again between 10% or even less successful for those woman above 40. Once the success chances are less, it becomes difficult for a woman to conceive in just one cycle. So, as the cycle adds, the overall IUI Treatment Cost in Mandi also increases.

2. Woman's Age: As the age of a woman declines, her chances of conceiving or carrying a baby reduce, leading to infertility complications. And thus, the cost of IUI treatment in Mandi also varies based on the complications a woman faces while conceiving a pregnancy.

3. Stimulation Medications: Stimulation medications are given to the woman undergoing the treatment to allow her follicles to mature and rupture at the time of ovulation and release the egg. The cost of such medications also varies per cycle, which might even rise to INR 10,000 per cycle. However, it is still affordable as compared to the cost of injections incurred.

4. Monitoring of Follicles: The follicles are monitored on a timely basis to check whether they have matured or not. This process requires several ultrasound scans, which also further enhances the overall cost of IUI Treatment in Mandi.

If you’re seeking the best fertility treatment at an affordable IUI cost in Mandi, Medicover Fertility Mandi would definitely be your preferred choice. We are known for setting the benchmark of excellence and high-quality treatment across the industry with a vision of transforming the future of fertility through innovative, research-driven, and clinically reliable advanced fertility care.

If you wish to know more about infertility treatments and the cost of IUI Treatment in Mandi, call us at +917862800700, or visit our website  Medicover Fertility