What is Infertility?

Infertility is a condition of not getting pregnant, despite having regular unprotected intercourse for a year or more. To determine whether a couple is Infertile or not, the doctor examines their health history, medications, and sexual history. In about 80 % of the couples, the cause of infertility is either an ovulation problem, blockage of fallopian tubes, or a sperm problem.

Female Infertility

When the cause of infertility exists within the female partner which does not let her conceive over the course of a year, then it is referred to as Female Infertility. The most common causes leading to infertility in women include problem with ovulation, damaged blocked fallopian tube, damaged or abnormal uterus shape or problem with the cervix. Higher age can also cause fertility problems in a woman, because as a woman ages, her fertility quotient tends to decrease.

Male Infertility

Male Infertility is a reproductive health issue in a man that lowers the chances of his female partner getting pregnant and accounts for 30­35% of infertility cases. Male infertility is normally caused by problems that affect either the sperm production, the sperm transport, sperm quality and can be evaluated by a detailed semen analysis report that may show a sperm count, sperm motility or a problem related to sperm morphology(shape).

IVF with Donor Embryos

IVF with donor embryos may be recommended in cases where both male and female partners having fertility issue. The female's eggs and the male's sperm are not capable of achieving a healthy pregnancy. In donor Embryo IVF both the gametes(eggs and sperms) are taken from anonymous donor and resultant embryos are transferred to the female partners uterus.This solution can also be recommended when there's a chance that the embryo can inherit a genetic problem from the male or female partner

Fertility Preservation

Fertility preservation is the preservation of the eggs and/or sperm for use at later date. The process enables the preservation of eggs or sperm before the female or male starts a medical treatment that could have a negative impact on their eggs or sperm, such as cancer treatment.