World Infertility Awareness Month - 10 things to pledge

June happens to be the month for World Infertility Awareness. Infertility is a problem that millions of couples face across the globe. While people have become more career-oriented and are caught in the web of a busy schedule, there are some small things that can easily be implemented to ensure healthy living. Here are 10 things to pledge this month.

1. Go for Monthly or Quarterly Check-Ups: diabetes, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and thyroid can interfere with fertility. Visit your doctor and get a routine health check-up done. There are some diseases which we are unaware of, but it could be harming you internally by obstructing your rate of fertility. Regular check-ups will ensure that you know exactly what your body is going through.

2. Keep Your Weight in Check: Research proves that the main cause of infertility is over or underweight. Being obese can lead to problems like production of excessive hormones – insulin or oestrogen, which are harmful for the ovulation of egg and release of the semen. Adopt a healthy lifestyle. It not only improves your fertility rate but keeps you fit. After all, we all look forward to being energetic and enthusiastic.

3. Sleep 8 Hours: Sleep repairs our body and makes us healthy from within proper sleep is a must to boost fertility. It alters the level of some specific hormones which affect fertility.

4. Say No to Smoke, Drugs and Alcohol: Drugs and alcohol have a bad effect on the ability and the quality of the egg for women. For men, the sperm count can go down while also affecting their motility. Also, excessive caffeine could be bad; restrict yourselves to a cup of caffeine daily.

5. Exercise: Yoga, meditation and regular exercises can have a drastic effect on your fertility. If you can spare time for the gym, it would be wonderful, but for those who are unable to spare a couple of hours then fun activities that also works out your body should be included. Such activities keep your body fit and healthy not only physically but mentally too. Swimming, trekking, bike riding are all great ways to boost not only your physical strength but also your mental strength. Remember, it is all about being positive. You can also play games like tennis, football or even go golfing.

6. Keep Stress Under Control: There is a special connection between the mind and the body if there are negative things happening in your mind your body may not respond positively. Stress could also be from work, and it is unavoidable, and it could be one of the reasons why you could be facing fertility problems we understand that but think of the happy moments you have had and try to overcome stress to improve fertility. Share your day with your partner and burst out everything. You will feel relaxed, a relaxed mind and body is the key to fertility. If required, take a break from your hectic daily routine and go for a holiday.

7. Eat Healthily: Proteins, minerals, vitamins are must to make you internally strong. Internet is the best place where you can see different types of diets that will help your body to be strong. Avoid eating out, especially from the office canteens or the local burger and sandwich shop. Pack your food and add lots of salad and sprouts to it.

8. Eat a Multi-Vitamin: There is a list of important vitamins and minerals that our body needs to stay healthy. Even though you may be eating healthy, your body may not be getting the amount of the specific vitamin or minerals required by your body to perform the functions smoothly. Have your doctor prescribe you a good multi-vitamin that will complete the needs of your body.

9. Regular Sex: Having sex on a regular basis increases the chance of you getting pregnant. For those having sex thrice or four times a week, chances of getting pregnant go up to 50% when compared to couples who have sex once a week the chances are just 15%. Regular sex helps in building a close relationship with your partner.

10. Detox: There are many toxins and contaminants in your body, and studies clearly show that they cause obesity and diabetes; other diseases connected with it are prostate cancer, infertility, testicular cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer and others. The process in which the body releases toxins is known as glucuronidation. This process makes toxins water-soluble to be eliminated by the kidneys. If this process doesn’t happen the toxins which are fat-soluble remain in the body fat, and this leads to obesity. A good detoxification diet will help in eliminating them from your body. You can look up the internet to find a good detox diet for you.