The Advantages Of Cutting-Edge IVF Clinics

Like any other treatment, the success rate in IVF is not 100%, but the chances of success are enhanced substantially if one chooses an IVF clinic that has a solid infrastructure, advanced equipment/technologies, and well-trained, experienced doctors & scientists. In many IVF cases, the difference between success and failure is often only the quality of the IVF clinic.

“This misconception has been perpetuated by ignorance and holds no truth.”

There are some IVF clinics that have basic equipment, mediocre doctors and poorly qualified scientists who do more of a disservice to the patient. IVF treatment entails a lot of complexities and requires constant attention from the medical team. Also, an IVF clinic must be well-equipped with innovative technology and top-of-the-line infrastructure. These factors make a difference in the final outcome. A seasoned doctor and skilled lab team with top-notch expertise offer the best chance for success.

A skilled doctor can extract eggs of good quality even from older women who have a substandard ovarian reserve; while a mediocre doctor might lack the skills to perform the procedure. IVF treatment requires surgical precision and complete focus that only a skillful doctor can bring to the table.

Similarly, when fertility issues are caused by an insufficient number of eggs or sperm, a poorly qualified lab team may not be able to achieve a favorable outcome. Whereas experienced and competent scientists can still achieve results with a relatively small number of eggs or sperm.

The quality of the clinic’s laboratory is also critical. Technology is evolving with each passing day, and fertility labs must be up to date with advanced technology. Unfortunately, some IVF clinics continue to use antiquated and outmoded equipment to cut costs, despite charging patients a lot.

While the quality of the lab is important, an advanced lab can only achieve results if run by highly skilled doctors and scientists. The best possible outcome requires a sophisticated lab and a lab team that is up to speed on the latest techniques and capable of deploying them.

A state-of-the-art IVF clinic must also follow standard quality-control measures to ensure the highest level of quality at every point of contact. An effective quality control system is also vital to ensure that standard procedures are being strictly followed. Embryologists are highly skilled scientists who work in the lab and perform microsurgeries and other complicated and highly sophisticated procedures on eggs and sperm.

Collectively, these factors have a huge impact on the final outcome of IVF treatment. Hence patients must be prudent while selecting a clinic for IVF treatment. They must do a fair amount of research and be well-informed so that they’re not taken for a ride by shady doctors who manage sub-standard clinics. They must check the professional background of the clinic’s doctors and scientists and check the clinic’s reputation before making the final decision.

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