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5 Quick tips on How To Get Pregnant Naturally

The process of getting pregnant maybe like a rollercoaster ride. You’re pumped up to start the journey. But if the pregnancy test is negative every time, it may cause sadness and frustration. And this problem is highly prevalent.

How To Get Pregnant Naturally

Research suggests that 10% - 15% of Indian couples face difficulty conceiving. If you are also trying to get pregnant for a few months but facing problems, we have good news for you.

Taking simple steps, from lifestyle changes and when to have sex, can boost your chances of pregnancy.

5 Ways To Get Pregnant Naturally

Natural Ways To get pregnant Fast

As fertility problems occur equally in both men and women, both partners should follow the tips in the article.

  • Getting A Preconception Checkup
    Before getting pregnant, it is a good idea to get a checkup. This may include tests for chickenpox, measles, and hepatitis.  Your doctor  may also prescribe supplements, including folic acid, for women. This nutrient is essential during the initial months of pregnancy and prevents congenital disabilities. So, it’s important to get sufficient folic acid before getting pregnant.
  • Knowing Your Cycle
    One of the tips to become pregnant naturally is to know when you are  ovulating. If your menstrual cycle occurs every 28 to 32 days, you can track it using a simple technique known as the rhythm or calendar method.
    For this method, you just need to calculate the date of your next period. For instance, if you got periods on 20th October and you have a 30-day cycle, the next date would be around 20th November. Now, count back 8 to 18 days, and that’s when you would be ovulating. For 28 days cycle, ovulation usually occurs between the 11th and 21st cycle days. Alternatively, you can also use ovulation prediction kits to track your ovulation.
  • Utilizing Ovulation Period
    Trying to get pregnant during ovulation significantly increases the chances of pregnancy. You can try every alternate day during this period ensures the delivery of healthy sperm.
  • Maintaining Normal Weight
    Higher-than-normal body weight in either partner can impact the chance of getting pregnant. For women, excess fat produces more estrogen that interferes with ovulation. Research suggests that overweight women can take twice as long to conceive as women with normal weight.
    Male obesity  can interfere with sperm viability and concentration, and male hormones. All this can reduce a couple’s ability to conceive.
    Moreover, underweight women may have irregular periods or do not ovulate, interfering with the chances of conceiving.
    All in all, maintaining a normal weight is the key to  getting pregnant  fast naturally.
  • Making Lifestyle Changes
    Being active  is one of the natural ways to get pregnant and maintain optimal health. Moderate aerobic exercises such as brisk walking and swimming can boost circulation and improve lung capacity. These exercises can also help you lose weight. Other lifestyle tips to become pregnant naturally include:
    • Consuming a healthy, balanced diet: Both partners should have a balanced diet, including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats.
    • Quitting to smoke: Smoking affects estrogen levels that impair ovulation. It also affects sperm quality. Studies show that male and female smokers are twice as likely to struggle with infertility than nonsmokers.
    • Limiting caffeine: Research has shown that caffeine intake of more than one cup a day may increase the risk of miscarriages.
    • Avoiding alcohol: Experts suggest that women trying to conceive should limit alcohol intake to one drink per day. For men, the recommended intake is no more than two drinks a day. This is because heavy alcohol consumption is linked to ovulation disorders in women and  erectile dysfunction  in men.
  • Staying away from high temperature: Sperm mature in the testis, which is below normal body temperature. Engaging in regular activities that increase the temperature, such as holding a laptop on the lap, can alter  sperm temperature.

Final Thoughts

Here are a few tips on how to conceive naturally. Try them and let us know which option helped you the most. If you have tried the above methods and are still not able to conceive, you may need Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). At  Medicover Fertility, we are committed to achieving superior pregnancy outcomes and delivering patient-centric  treatment options. We will be happy to assist you.