Medicover opens fertility clinic in Rohtak

Medicover opens fertility clinic in Rohtak

Friday 26 May 2017, Gurgaon: Rohtak, a city in Haryana, has a huge population and almost 15% of them are not able to have children due to infertility conditions. This city, though advanced in other spheres, lacks the proper infrastructure and facilities required for IVF and other fertility treatment. Residents of Rohtak travel to other cities with better treatment options.

The recent opening of Medicover Fertility Clinic in Rohtak is proving to be a tremendously successful venture. There have been streams of people seeking appointments for fertility consultation and treatment at this new Medicover Fertility Clinic. This is the first of its kind clinic in Rohtak.


Medicover introduces world-class fertility treatment in Rohtak. This new Clinic in Rohtak has modern facilities with international standard of infrastructure. The fertility clinic is outfitted with the latest technology equipment and advanced treatment facilities.

Medicover Fertility operates under the expert leadership of  Dr. Veenu Kadian. She is a MBBS degree holder with a MS in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Dr Veenu Kadian is a Certified Fellowship Holder for Assisted Reproductive Techniques and Reproductive Medicine. All the doctors and medical staff at the Medicover Rohtak. are trained as per European standards and are highly experiences and qualified. Medicover also has the advantage of fulltime in-house doctors as well as visiting doctors from their other international clinics who share their skill and expertise along with introduction of latest breakthroughs of in the field of Assisted Reproduction Techniques.

The need for fertility treatment around India is enormous. Medicover ranks as the leading Fertility Solution provider in Delhi and NCR. It has been consistently delivering a high rate of successful fertility treatment and bringing the joy of a new baby into countless homes. The success rate reported for IVF treatment at Medicover has made it one of the top fertility clinics in India.

The name and fame of Medicover for IVF has spread far and wide. Many couples come from surrounding towns like Rohtak to Delhi and NCR for IVF fertility treatment at Medicover. The initiative to open a clinic in Rohtak was taken based on the number of patients who travel the distance to Medicover clinics in Delhi & NCR from Rohtak. Medicover felt that there was a pressing need to provide a service that was closer to home for the population of Rohtak who faced infertility problems.

Medicover has opened this Fertility clinic in Rohtak to cater to the huge need for international standard treatment to childless couples. Numerous patients who were making the long journey for fertility treatment to Delhi can now visit their local clinic for IVF. This clinic also aims at providing fertility treatment to those couples who could not find the means to travel for treatment, but would like to avail of the latest technology fertility treatment.

Numerous childless couples are keen to have the international standard facilities and fertility treatment offered by Medicover Rohtak. Fertility clinics with proper infrastructure and advanced technology treatment are lacking in places like Rohtak and thus the opening of the Medicover Fertility Clinic has been a great boon to the city and its surrounding areas.

Hundreds of couples in smaller cities like Rohtak remain without off springs due to the lack of proper fertility treatment to help them conceive. IVF is the most popular treatment for infertility and Medicover has successfully helped a large percentage of couples in India to have children and start their families by introducing the latest assisted reproductive techniques and facilities.

Well-equipped clinics with roper infrastructure and highly qualified doctors for IVF treatment is in great demand all over India. Medicover looks forward to expanding their facilities over the passage of time.