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IVF Treatment in Karnal - Fertility treatment in Karnal

Being the pioneer in providing fertility treatments, Medicover Fertility is dedicated to fulfilling the dream of parenthood for patients in need. By now, we have helped more than 5000 couples in helping them conceive their babies.

This IVF treatment centre in Karnal is situated in one of the prime locations in the north-central part of Haryana, attracting patients from the entire town as well as nearby areas. Medicover Fertility Karnal, being the provider of one of the best fertility treatment solutions, offers world-class patient-centric service that enhances the patient’s chances of pregnancy.

Infertility Treatment in Karnal

  • IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization)
  • IUI (Intrauterine Insemination)
  • ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)
  • Donor Programme (IVF with Donor Egg / Sperm / Embryo)
  • Surrogacy
  • Assisted Hatching
  • Fertility Preservation (Embryo / Egg / Sperm Freezing)
  • Surgical Sperm Revival (TESA, PESA, M-TESE)
  • Endometrial Receptivity Array (ERA)

Fertility Treatment/IVF Cost in Karnal

Medicover Fertility Karnal offers one of the best IVF treatment services at affordable IVF cost, with transparency at every step. No hidden charges or unwanted tests are unnecessarily recommended by us. Our whole process at Medicover Fertility is designed in a customized way, where we offer IVF packages that are customized on the basis of the patient's history, diagnosis, and current treatment requirements.

Why Medicover Fertility?

It is imperative to make an informed decision before availing of any infertility treatment. The right IVF treatment centre minimizes your chances of pregnancy failure and ensures an enhanced possibility of a successful pregnancy, along with making a difference in overall costing and services. Medicover Fertility, in this regard, is considered to be the pioneer in providing the best fertility treatment to even those facing complex fertility challenges, with world-class IVF doctors, state-of-art laboratories, outstanding services, and affordable cost. Taking care of the emotional well-being of our patients is considered as crucial as maintaining the clinical standards that we deliver. In order to provide the utmost facility to our patients, we also have an easy EMI plan that can help them easily bear the cost of the IVF treatment involved.

  • Specialised Patient Care : Patient-centric care, along with quality IVF treatment, is the pillar of the increased pregnancy rate at Medicover Fertility Karnal and is important to those facing infertility. Since each patient is different and has distinct medical necessities, depending on their body type and the fertility issues they are facing, our doctors pay special attention while addressing each of their concerns by chalking out a customized IVF treatment plan.
  • Total Transparency : Medicover Fertility  karnal team is proud to emphasize that transparency is the key to providing the utmost patient satisfaction. Each patient has the right to avail every minute detail of the fertility challenges they are facing, along with the detailed knowledge of the entire processes that are involved in providing them with the right treatment. We then provide our patients full freedom to decide whether they wish to continue with the treatment suggested or not.
  • Quality : Our clinic at Medicover Fertility Karnal facilitates quality IVF treatment to its patients under the guidelines of National and European Standards like ICMR, ESHRE, etc., making it an ethical, reliable, and cost-effective treatment for our patients. Our entire team of qualified doctors and highly experienced staff work dedicatedly by giving the best of their efforts to ensure a successful pregnancy outcome for our patients. It is due to the high-quality standards in the organization that we never settle for anything but perfection in our patient’s treatment in order to give the best possible IVF treatment to our patients.
  • High Success Rates : We at Medicover Fertility Karnal are amongst the best IVF treatment centre with top fertility doctors who are internationally certified for providing top-class IVF treatments to their patients. Our doctors are dedicated to providing customized fertility treatment with unparalleled patient care. The reason we have high success rates when it comes to becoming a parent is that our entire team of highly qualified doctors and embryologists utilize modern technology treatment methods with advanced diagnostic procedures to detect the exact cause of the complications and then work on it with perfection.

Medicover Fertility - The Best IVF Centre in Karnal

We at Medicover Fertility Karnal have brought smiles to countless patients facing infertility with a proven track record of successful IVF treatment outcomes. Our IVF centre in Karnal is well-equipped with internationally certified doctors and highly trained staff who offer their services round the clock to help patients facing pregnancy challenges. Medicover fertility provides a ray of hope to every couple facing fertility complications as we provide them with the best medical support, a state-of-art laboratory, modern IVF treatment methods, the latest technology, and a world-class centre.

Our Team

Our entire team of Medicover Fertility Karnal provides a wide range of infertility treatments, from basic fertility care to advanced treatments with world-class treatment methodologies and state-of-art labs. We dedicatedly offer advanced infertility treatment to our patients, thereby helping our patients with increased chances of a successful pregnancy.

Born with the belief that every childbirth is a celebration, our IVF centre in Karnal understands the toll that difficulty in conception might take you. This is the treason why our team of specialists, embryologists, and counsellors double up as your guides in your journey of parenthood. You are free to visit our IVF clinic in Karnal and meet our specialists to get the best fertility solutions.

karnal Clinic Address

Clinic Name - Bedi Healthcare 

Address - Plot No. 4 , Jarnaily Colony, Karnal, Haryana 132001

Phone Number - 07290000202