Dr. Mahiraj Singh Gaur

Dr. Mahiraj Singh Gaur
Dr. Mahiraj Singh Gaur
Dr. Mahiraj Singh Gaur
About the Doctor

Dr M S Gaur is one of the leading embryologists. His keen interest in the arena of embryology compelled him to assist people dreaming of having their own children. With his extensive experience and expertise, Dr. Gaur has been doing miracles in the world of reproductive treatments holding the medical degree of Master of Clinical Embryology (MCE). This internationally certified fertility professional is highly recommended by couples preparing to begin their parenthood journey through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or other fertility treatment.

Dr Gaur has been the pioneer in the arena of infertility and IVF since 2006. He started his career in Bulgaria by pursuing an internship as a trainee physician. After that, he continued as a trainee Embryologist at Monash IVF QLD and Repromed Australia (Adelaide & Darwin). Post that, he served as the Chief Embryologist at Pratiksha hospital, Guwahati. Apart from that, he has also performed well as a Lab Manager at NCR & Kochin lab, Bournhall India (Delhi NCR).

In appreciation of his outstanding work ethics, Dr. Gaur was elected as Senior Embryologist at NOVA IVI Delhi. Prior to Nova IVI, he worked for ‘AFGC’ (Delhi NCR) & ‘W by Pratiksha (Delhi NCR) as an embryologist. Now he joins Medicover Fertility with a mission of serving childless couples and fulfilling their void of childlessness with the eternal joy of parenthood.

His expertise, however, is not restricted to being an embryologist; he also has an eye for details; therefore, he has initiated the establishment of several IVF units and clinics in different regions of the country.Dr. Gaur has vast experience and knowledge in Embryology and specializes in the process of embryo development & transfer, embryo biopsy and vitrification, egg retrieval, IVF, ICSI etc. To consult Dr. Gaur, you may visit Medicover Fertility or call - 



Hindi, English
  • Master of Clinical Embryology (MCE)

Monash Institute of Medical Research Monash University, Melbourne, Australia (2006)

  • Graduate Diploma in Reproductive Sciences     

Monash Institute of Medical Research Monash University, Melbourne, Australia (2005)

  • B.B.S’

The Medical University of Pleven, Bulgaria (Dec 1998 – Oct 2004)

  • Recognized and certified as ‘life scientist’ by Australia’s leading vocational education training and assessment services provider–VETASSESS.
  • Recipient of ‘Victorian state sponsorship’ Australia based on the qualifications& skills attained in the field of Life Sciences.
  • IVF unit set up: Layout, construction, instrument purchase, medium, medicine & consumables selection, protocols, team selection, team training, team members J.D.s, KPI 
  • Animal handling, including mouse superovulation, mating and dissection to retrieve gametes and embryos
  • Tissue culture techniques, including media preparation 
  • Murine IVF and IVC 
  • Bovine IVM, IVF and IVC 
  • Cryopreservation of murine embryos (2 cell stage and blastocyst) and sperm (slow cooling and vitrification) 
  • ICSI and biopsy utilizing murine and bovine oocytes and embryos
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