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Medicover Fertility Jammu Clinic

Medicover Fertility is one of the prominent service providers of infertility treatment. Medicover believes in providing advanced Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) across the country with the assurance to deliver standardised and ethical infertility treatment. We at Medicover fertility practice ethical infertility treatment, followed by the standardized analysis and examination of the root cause of the infertility problems.  

Our Treatments:  

  • IUI (Intrauterine Insemination)
  • IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)
  • Highly developed IVF Laboratory with 7 Hepa Filters
  • IVF (with Donor Egg)
  • IVF (with Donor Sperm)
  • IVF (with Donor Embryo)
  • ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)
  • Surrogacy
  • Advanced Fertility Treatments
  • Egg and Sperm Freezing
  • Embryo Freezing
  • Advanced Patient-Centric Treatments
  • Free Consultation
  • EMI option at 0% Interest Rates

Customized Patient Care

We believe in the fact that each patient is unique and different and hence requires treatment according to their necessities. Therefore, then arises a need for a tailored or customized treatment procedure. Furthermore, couples experiencing infertility issues generally becomes depressed, which unfortunately affects their relationship with their partner. At this stage, if the affected couple is advised well, it enhances their entire life and encourages them to fight the challenges. Therefore, we at Medicover Fertility adopts an emphatic approach to provide appropriate support and care to the patient. 

Complete Transparency

Medicover Fertility considers a complete transparency strategy and keeps updating couples about the procedure and responding to the analysis or examinations. Therefore, couples can have a word with our experts and keep their say while going for the treatment. Additionally, we keep no confidential information about the treatment fee and provide the facility of EMI at 0% interest rate. Also, we think about our patients and hence keep the genuine and reliable cost for our services.  


Our IVF centre in Jammu follows quality treatment, conducted by National and International Standards, making it ethical and reliable for our patients. Our entire Medicover team leaves no stone unturned to deliver the best and perfect solution to the patient. We never compromise with our values and always stay well aware of the latest methodologies and approaches to give good quality experiences to our patients.

High Success Rates

Medicover Fertility comprises a proficient team that is dedicated to 100% patient care round the clock. Our highly skilled and certified Fertility experts utilize advanced diagnostics and modern technology to provide an amazing experience with complete satisfaction. That is why we are one of the trusted brands that have superior pregnancy results. And hence we take pride in announcing that millions of parents trust Medicover for completing their family with us. 

Our Team

Our in-house team of Fertility professionals, embryologists, counsellors, and other supportive staff is committed and consistently delivers superior pregnancy outcomes every day passing. Medicover team is patient-centric and comes up with qualitative fertility treatment.

Our experienced IVF professionals at Medicover Fertility Jammu are well versed in treating infertility issues, including complex cases like Unexplained Infertility and many more.

If you are also seeking a trusted brand, then visiting our Jammu IVF centre might give you a complete solution for your infertility concerns.


Ward no.55, Channi Bye Pass, Near Jodhamal Public School 180011 Jammu