IUI Cost in Roorkee

If you've consulted a fertility specialist because you're having problems becoming pregnant, you could be having trouble determining which fertility treatment options to select. You could have been concerned about the cost of IUI in Roorkee along with treatments like IVF, ICSI, etc. as well as which fertility clinic to select for the process.

However, there are many treatment centres that can offer you the appropriate treatment plan at a fair price, so you don't need to worry at all. One such facility is the Medicover Fertility Roorkee clinic, which is famous for being a pioneer in treating infertility sufferers and providing therapy with internationally renowned doctors at a fair price and with a high likelihood of success. IUI is also available at the Roorkee Medicover Fertility Center at a very competitive fee, along with top-notch amenities.

Cost of IUI Treatment in Roorkee

Patients are given treatment recommendations depending on their age, past medical history, kind of reproductive difficulties, and other considerations. The methods employed also play a significant role in pricing.

Different IUI cost in Roorkee may be anticipated by patients.

The IUI treatment cost in Roorkee normally ranges from INR 15,000 to 40,000. Since it is a risk-free process with few side effects, this therapy has a better success rate than other fertility treatment options.

If you're interested in finding out the precise IUI cost in Roorkee, speak with a fertility doctor at a respected Roorkee fertility treatment facility and get their advice.

IUI Treatment is one of the best reproductive therapies offered in Roorkee at affordable costs.

IUI Cost In Roorkee Uttarakhand

IUI Treatment

IUI Cost in Roorkee

Drugs and Medicine

7,000 to 8,000

IUI Procedure


Total IUI cost in Roorkee


You should consider a number of important aspects before starting IUI treatment. The kind of infertility, the patient's age, and her medical history are all important considerations when figuring out the actual IUI cost in Roorkee Uttarakhand. The cheapest reproductive therapy available in Roorkee is IUI, which may be had for as low as Rs. 5000.

Factors Affecting the Cost of IUI Treatment in Roorkee

The cost of Roorkee IUI varies for each individual depending on their particular body type, infertility concerns, past medical history, and connected conditions. The total cost of therapy in Roorkee is significantly influenced by elements including the number of cycles, age, medicines, and other variables, which in turn significantly affects the overall cost for each couple seeking treatment.

Some of the elements that affect the IUI Cost in Roorkee are listed below

1. The Total Number of Cycles: Since the cost of each cycle adds to the overall cost of the treatment, the total number of cycles has a substantial influence on the price of any fertility therapy, including IVF and IUI in Roorkee. An IUI treatment cycle typically costs between 10,000 and 15,000 Indian rupees. However, if fertility medication fails to successfully conceive the woman on the first try, more cycles may be required, which would increase the cost of the process depending on the woman's or her partner's reproductive concerns.

2. The Age of the Woman: A woman's fertility drastically declines as she gets older. This may occasionally lead to issues with conception as well. This simply suggests that age becomes the most critical factor in deciding the expense of any reproductive therapy due to problems that result in a couple's incapacity to conceive. The probability of becoming pregnant is often higher for women under 30 than for those above that age.

3. Stimulation Medications: Stimulation drugs are given to female IUI patients to help the follicles grow and release eggs. Effective embryo development from fertilised eggs is aided by this. The price of these medicines is impacted by the fact that they are available as tablets and injections.

4. Follicle Monitoring: Follicles are carefully examined to identify whether or not they have reached their full size. The IUI cost in Roorkee increases because of the recurrent ultrasound scans needed for this procedure—usually 2-3 times.

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