IUI Cost patiala in February 2023 | Cost of IUI Treatment in Patiala

The type of infertility and difficulties associated are a significant role in deciding the IUI cost in Patiala Punjab. The cost of IUI treatment cost in Patiala may rise as a result of additional difficulties, which may increase the cycles and drugs required. However, IUI is one of the most cost-effective treatment choices, with cycles costing between INR 5000 and INR 10,000.

IUI Treatment Cost in Patiala

The typical IUI cost in Patiala might vary based on the kind of medications used, the type of infertility, the difficulties associated, etc. You must be relieved to learn that intrauterine insemination has increased success rates and better reproductive results.

To ascertain the precise cost of IUI in Patiala, you must see a reputable Patiala fertility treatment centre for assistance. Keep in mind that as compared to other centres, Patiala provides the cheapest treatment.

IUI Cost In Patiala Punjab

IUI Treatment

IUI Cost in Patiala

Drugs and Medicine

7,000 to 8,000

IUI Procedure


Total IUI cost in Patiala


Factors Affecting IUI Cost in Patiala

Depending on the kind of infertility issues, body type, and prior history of other health issues, the cost of IUI Treatment in Patiala differs from person to person. Let's also discuss the whole cost of the course of therapy. The number of cycles, age, medicines, and other factors all have a significant influence on the Patiala IUI cost, which affects how much each patient must pay for the procedure.

The following are some of the variables that affect the IUI Cost in Patiala.

  1. The Number of Cycles: One cycle’s IUI cost in Patiala ranges between INR 10,000 and INR 15,000, including the insemination process but excluding drugs. More than one cycle could be necessary, which might raise the overall cost if the lady had specific preexisting medical issues or the sperm was ineffective at fertilising the eggs.
  2. Age of the Woman: It is another important element that affects the cost and success of any reproductive therapy. Compared to women over the age of 30, women under 30 often have higher rates of successful pregnancies.
  3. Stimulation Drugs: Stimulation drugs are often administered to women to stimulate the release of mature eggs from follicles during ovulation when they can be fertilised by sperm. Both pills and expensive injections are possible forms of it.
  4. Monitoring of Follicles: Ultrasound scans are conducted periodically, roughly 2-3 times, to check on follicles to see if they have developed or not, which further drives up the IUI cost in Patiala.

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IUI Treatment Cost Faq

What is the total cost of IUI treatment?

IUI is not a very expensive form of fertility treatment. In general, IUI treatment costs approximately from 15000 INR to 40000 INR inclusive of all tests and medication in a single cycle of treatment. However, the IUI Cost in India may vary according to the medical conditions.