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Cost of IUI treatment Ghaziabad in February 2023 - Medicover Fertility

The IUI cost in Ghaziabad is greatly influenced by multiple factors. One of the major responsible factors among all the rest is the type of infertility and the complications due to it. The more complications, the higher the chances of increased cycles and medications, which finally would lead to a higher cost of IUI treatment in Ghaziabad incurred. Although IUI treatment is considered to be one of the most affordable treatments, as compared to all the rest, usually around Rs 15000 to 40000.

Cost of IUI in Ghaziabad

The IUI treatment cost in Ghaziabad keeps on varying from patient to patient, depending upon the type of infertility, nature of fertility medications availed, complications involved, etc. But, you must know that intrauterine insemination is one of the fertility treatments that has improved fertility results with a high success rate.

If you are looking forward to finding out the actual cost of IUI treatment in Ghaziabad, you need to look out for fertility expert advice from a reputed fertility treatment centre that has affordable IUI costs in Ghaziabad. Remember that Ghaziabad is dedicated to offering the most budget-friendly treatment to its patients as compared to the other locations.

Factors Influencing the IUI Cost in Ghaziabad

The cost of IUI Treatment in Ghaziabad varies from person to person, depending upon the body type, past medical history or other health complications, type of infertility challenges, etc. Moreover, if we talk about the cost of IUI treatment involved overall, the IUI cost in Ghaziabad is majorly impacted by the fertility medications, the number of cycles it takes to fertilize eggs, the age of the woman, etc., which majorly brings about a drastic change in the overall cost of each patient undergoing the treatment.

Some of the factors on which the IUI Cost in Ghaziabad depends are

  1. The Number of Cycles: One cycle of Intrauterine Insemination treatment usually involves the cost of around INR 10,000-15,000 on average. But if in case the woman undergoing the treatment fails to conceive a pregnancy in one cycle due to varied circumstances such as infertility complications, or any other reasons, she might need to undergo one or more cycles, depending on her rate of pregnancy success.
  2. Woman’s Age: We aren’t unaware of the fact that with age, your fertility rate gradually declines. This means age becomes one of the major factors that might lead to an increased IUI Cost in Ghaziabad. Usually, a woman below 30 years of age has a higher chance of conceiving a pregnancy as compared to those above that age bar.
  3. Stimulation Medications: In order to allow the follicles to mature and release eggs that would allow the eggs to fertilize successfully and form an embryo, stimulation medications are given to the women undergoing the IUI treatment. It can be both in the form of medicine and injections, which vary in price.
  4. Monitoring of Follicles: Follicles are closely monitored to keep a check on whether they have matured or not. And thus, ultrasound scans are performed in frequent intervals, around 2-3 times, which again leads to an increased IUI cost in Ghaziabad.

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