IUI Cost in Chandigarh

IUI Cost in Chandigarh

The IUI cost in Chandigarh is usually based on the complexity involved in the patient’s inability to conceive their own baby. It usually ranges between Rs 8000 to 12000 per cycle, depending upon the level and type of infertility the couples are suffering from.

Along with the IUI cost in Chandigarh, you also need to consider the number of cycles that might be required to help you conceive a successful pregnancy. However, there is no denying fact that the cost of IUI in Chandigarh is highly affordable and provides high success rates when compared to other fertility treatment options.

If you're looking out for a safe and effective mode of infertility treatment, intrauterine insemination can be considered one of the best options available.

Moreover, in order to find out the exact IUI cost in Chandigarh, you need to seek a piece of advice from a reputed fertility expert. Medicover Fertility Chandigarh, in this regard, is considered to be one of the best fertility treatment centres that can help you with top-notch services and fertility advice.

Factors Influencing the IUI Cost in Chandigarh

Since every patient is different in terms of health complications, infertility issues, body type, etc., the IUI cost in Chandigarh varies from couple to couple undergoing the treatment. Moreover, it simultaneously depends on factors such as medications, treatment plans, age, medical background, and the type of infertility they are facing.

  1. Number of Cycles: Since there is a predefined price bar at every cycle of fertility treatment, as the number of cycles increases, it directly increases the cost of IUI Treatment in Chandigarh. Usually, the cycles increase in cases of patients facing complex fertility circumstances or past medical history, etc.
  2. Woman&rsquo's Age: Age is one of the most crucial and determining factors over the cost and success of any fertility treatment. Women who are below 30 years of age have increased chances of conception than those who are above. With age, their chances of conception significantly reduce, making it difficult to conceive. And hence as their age increases, the IUI cost in Chandigarh increases.
  3. Stimulation Medications: In order to stimulate the follicles to mature and result in ovulation, the cost of oral medications might even rise to around INR 10000 per cycle, which again is more in the case of stimulation injections comparatively. This, as a result, majorly impacts the overall cost of IUI Treatment in the process.
  4. Monitoring of Follicles: While the follicles are monitored during the treatment, a series of ultrasound scans are carried out to check for the stages. These tests increase the IUI cost in Chandigarh, depending upon the location and how advanced the clinic is.

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