Dr. Ajay Wakhloo

Dr. Ajay  Wakhloo
Dr. Ajay  Wakhloo
Dr. Ajay Wakhloo
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Dr.Ajay Wakhloo is an associated IVF Consultant at Maitrika Hospital (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. in Jammu, (J&K). He has completed his MD from PGIMER Chandigarh in 1995 and bagged a Gold Medal with his utmost commitment and efforts.


His key area of expertise includes Obstetrics & Gynecology and Minimally Invasive Surgery. He holds extensive experience and medical proficiency in handling different infertility cases and gynaecology with assured successful outcomes.


He is very empathetic and approaches his patients’ concerns by lending his ear to them and treats them with utmost care and professional courteousness. His unmatched compassionate approach and his skill to understand patients’ problems are respectful, allowing patients to develop a decent bond with the doctor.


IVF Consultant

Hindi, English

Dr. Ajay did his MBBS from Govt. Medical College Jammu in 1992 with crediting a Gold medal in Anatomy, ENT and Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Then he pursued his MD from PGIMER Chandigarh in 1995 and again marked Gold Medal under his name. in addition, he did his Senior Residency from PGIMER Chandigarh in 1998 and Joined as a faculty in Govt. Medical College Jammu in April 2000.

As a Lecturer in April 2000, he Underwent formal training in advanced Gynae endoscopy surgery from Cochin Endoscopy centre under P.G Paul in 2002. He has been able to train the faculty of the department of obst. & Gynae. at SMGS Hospital in Advance Gynae Laparoscopy.’ 


In addition to the govt. sector, he has initiated the introduction of Gynae endoscopy in the private sector of the state Jammu.


Being a gold medallist, he also has several research papers and publications under his name, showing his keen interest in his sphere of influence.


Research Projects & Papers

Here are two research projects funded by ICMR presently underway:


  • To restraint or regulate the reproductive health issues of humans from Jammu and Kashmir.
  • Genomic Instability in Human Cancers



  • Dr Ajay Wakhloo, Suksham Sharma, Gagan Singh. Role of laparoscopy in the diagnosis and management of benign adnexal masses. International Journal of research in Medical Sciences 2019 January: 255-259.
  • Dr. Suksham Sharma, Dr Ajay Wakhloo, Gagan Singh. Clinical profile of patients with pelvic adnexal masses. International journal of reproduction, contraception, obstetrics and gynaecology 2018 November: 7 (11): 46 84-87.
  • Dr Ajay Wakhloo, Mamta Kalsi, Renu Wakhloo, Bawa Ram, Shashi Gupta. Maternal and perinatal outcomes associated with a twin pregnancy. International Journal of recent trends in Science and Technology 2015 January Vol -1 page 158 – 161.
  • Dr.Mamta Kalsi, Ajay Wakhloo, Reeta Chauhan, Bawa Ram Shashi Gupta. Study of obstetric and medical complications in twin pregnancy. International Journal of recent trends in Science and Technology 2015 January vol-1 120-123.
  • Dr Ajay Wakhloo, Sabita Dubey, Shashi Gupta. The outcome of laparoscopic and abdominal hysterectomy. A comparative study JK Science. Accepted for Publication July- Sept / Oct -Dec2015.
  • Dr. Ajay Wakhloo and Anna Zarfishan, Shashi Gupta. A study of various factors associated with peripartum hysterectomy. JK science accepted for Publication Oct – Dec / Jan- Mar 2016.
  • Salpingectomy for risk reduction of ovarian cancer. Journal of minimally invasive Gynaecology March 2011 II: 270 284
  • Nerve-sparing in Gynaecologic surgery. A Perspective journal of minimally invasive Gynaecology March 2011. I: 262-264.
  • Genetic analysis of polymorphism rs 10937405 of TP 63 gene in breast and ovarian cancer patients of North Indian Cohort.Journal of Cancer Research and Therapeutics 1517-20


Thesis Moderated 

  1. Hysteroscopy vs USG in the evaluation of AUB
  2. Role of Laparoscopy in the evaluation of adrenal masses.
  3. Myomectomy open vs laparoscopic.
  4. TLH. Vs. NDVH comparison.
  5. Vasopressin vs BLUAL in myomectomy.
  6. Pregnancy in patients following myomectomy & BLUAL.
  7. Incidence of endometriosis in infertile women.
  8. Salpingectomy for risk reduction of CA ovary.
  9. Vaginal morcellation of the specimen after TLH for fibroid Uterus.
  10. Abdominal vs Laparoscopic approach for TLH
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