Who Should Consider Egg Freezing?

Who should consider egg freezing

Egg Freezing is an empowering process through which today's independent women can take control over the future. With this advanced technique of Egg Freezing, you can certainly accomplish all your dreams, including the most important one that's to be a mother.

The silver lining to the cloud is that, unlike the ovary and oocytes(eggs), the uterus does not get impacted and can effectively carry pregnancy up to the age of 50s.

Egg freezing can be advantageous for any woman wishing to extend their reproductive potential to accomplish educational, career or other personal goals.

1.Personal goals vs Fertility goals

It is undeniable that every woman wishes to have children at a certain stage of their life.

But what if life gives you a roller coaster ride where you feel that you need some more time to focus on your career, build your business empire or still not found your perfect life partner.

It is not a false statement to say that the time we are living in is unpredictable, especially for those interested in becoming parents.

This pandemic has affected many women in delaying pregnancy, due to which, considering this Covid Phase, more and more women are opting for Egg Freezing these days.

We, at Medicover Fertility respect your decision of eggs freezing and has always kept our clients a priority. However, when you decide to move forward with the process, our team of experienced fertility doctors will assist you throughout the entire journey.

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2.Female Fertility Preservation for Medical Reasons

There can be various medical conditions that can affect fertility in women, and why they should consider Egg Freezing

'A ray of hope in the dark'

For many women combating serious health conditions such as cancer, it is a sigh of relief that by entering Egg Freezing, they too now stand a chance to achieve pregnancy successfully. First, however, the eggs need to be preserved before chemotherapy, surgery or radiation therapy.

Let's get some detailed pointers -:

  • Females undergoing Cancer treatments, for instance, Chemotherapy, Pelvic Radiation Therapy, can significantly affect fertility; as per a Journal published in American Medical Newspaper, it has been specified that 'Oncologists should discuss the possibility of infertility with female patients treated during their reproductive years. Hence, the full range of options to preserve fertility should be considered as early as possible during cancer treatment.
  • Surgery causing damage to the ovaries
  • Premature ovarian failure due to Chromosomal Abnormalities or Family history of Menopause.
  • Ovarian disease with the risk of damage to the ovaries.
  • Removal of the ovaries due to Genetic Mutations.
  • To avoid Freezing excess embryos after an IVF cycle.

Here, we would like to clarify one more point that successful freezing with advanced technology and expert consultation plays an important role.

Our team is highly experienced and professional, with a high success rate to increase your chances of achieving a healthy pregnancy.

We know that it is self-evident to feel overwhelmed or anxious about the process of Egg Freezing and how it can work wonders for you. But don't worry; we have a whole panel of specialists to take you through this incredible journey of Motherhood.

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