Egg Freezing Process

Step by Step Egg Freezing Process

Step by Step Egg Freezing Process

The egg freezing technique allows women to extract and preserve their eggs when they are at their healthiest and most abundant. Fertility testing before egg freezing gives you and your fertility doctor the clear information required to customise your treatment plan to succeed. If you’re thinking of choosing egg freezing and intrusive about how much time you actually have before you need to take action, fertility testing will help you determine your optimal reproductive window.


1. Consultation & Testing

You will meet our Fertility Physician to review your medical history and learn about the process. It will take 4-6 weeks and start with ovarian reserve testing on the 3rd day of your menstrual cycle. Ultrasound and Blood investigations will help determine the ideal protocol and medication dose to optimise the number of eggs.


2. Cycle Preparation & Monitoring

Here, you would be initiated on contraceptive pills for 2-3 weeks before commencing on hormones to synchronise follicle development and reduce cyst formation risk. Our expert would be with you at every step to watch for any side effects.


3. Injections & Trigger shot

Daily administration of hormone injections would be required for Egg retrieval and stimulating the follicles to grow. Our experts would assist you in administering the shots as the final injection occurs 36 hours before Egg retrieval.


4. Egg Retrieval

This process involves the ultrasound-guided collection of the fluid in follicles from both ovaries. Though this procedure would be conducted under light sedation and will long till half an hour, it would be a painless daycare procedure.


5. Vitrification

Here, in this phase, self-administration of injections and triggers shots would be required to lead to egg retrieval and stimulate the follicles to grow. This whole process would be demonstrated to the patient by our Fertility centre Nursing staff to avoid any discomfort.


6. Results & Next steps

Results and Next steps will be shared on the next business day after the procedure, and our experts will let you know the final number of mature eggs frozen. After this, your cryopreserved eggs will be stored carefully in the storage tank and will be viable for years.