How Many Eggs Would I Will Be Able To Freeze In One Cycle?

How many eggs would i will be able to freeze in one cycle

As every individual is unique similarly, the number of eggs yields also differs from person to person. So, as you decide to freeze your eggs, you must have a thorough understanding of the process. As per an analysis, it has been discovered that a woman under 35 freezes 15 eggs per cycle, whereas a woman over 40 will freeze half that or less.

In addition, to rule out how many eggs will be produced in a cycle.

On a broader note, the answer to ' How many eggs you should freeze' primarily depends on three key factors - :

  • How many children are you planning to have?
  • Your age, at the time of freezing your eggs
  • In one cycle, how many eggs are you able to retrieve.

To understand how many eggs, you need to freeze to match your family goals, speak with our Fertility Consultant.

The first phase is similar to the process of IVF. Our consultants will be starting you on the medications for ovarian stimulation to increase the count of eggs that must be retrieved and frozen to achieve successful pregnancy in the future.

Some females respond well to IVF medications, and it makes it easy for them to achieve their dream of Motherhood with just one cycle.

Our Fertility clinic offers a Fertility Assessment where a blood investigation is conducted to measure the patient's Anti - Mullerian hormone.

This hormone produces follicles containing immature egg cells; we do this test as it indicates ovarian reserve through your blood sample.

This blood investigation is followed by an Antral Follicle Count Scan, in which a transvaginal scan is taken of a woman's ovary to determine the number of follicles and immature cells in each ovary.

Both the tests would be performed under the specialist's supervision and consultation, after which the specialist will discuss your results and will visualise how many cycles are required to obtain the recommended number of eggs.

As an exception, sometimes, multiple Egg Freezing is not an appropriate option for a few women. In such scenarios, our specialists try their best to accomplish successful pregnancy through the eggs they were able to retrieve in the first cycle, even if it is not the ideal count.

Thankfully, with the invention of Egg Freezing, every woman stands a chance to live her beautiful dream of being a mother.

 So, Get in touch with our Fertility Clinic today!

Egg Freezing should be considered one of the best gifts a woman can give to herself in her younger years, and to guide you more personally on this, we have a team of in-house fertility experts.

We prioritise our clients before profits and customise all the treatments by keeping their privacy and safety in mind.

For the same reason, we remain available to satisfy all your queries round the clock and ensure direct consultation from the experts.