How Do I Get Started, If I Am Considering Egg Freezing?

Egg freezing brings an array of benefits for several reasons for women wishing to sustain their fertility for the future. In addition, it comes as a boon for countless women who want or need to delay childbearing to accomplish career or other personal objectives.

If you are also wondering about stepping forward for egg freezing, you don't need any long-term planning. You can straightaway start with your journey of Egg Freezing with us.


Take the first step today to understand your fertility.


Fertility Health Check-Up 

As a woman of the 21st Century, we need to remain updated about preserving our fertility in the long term.

Two key factors that need to be considered in accordance to determine a woman's fertility are:


1. Age 

Suppose you have noticed that despite trying several times to conceive naturally, you are constantly failing. In that case, you should consider ageing the most critical factor preventing you from getting pregnant.

As you age, the quality of your eggs deteriorates. This reduces your chances of becoming pregnant and increases the risk of miscarriage.

In Egg Freezing, administering medications during the process leads to maturing several eggs in one cycle, which are otherwise reabsorbed.


2. Fertility Health Check-up

While going for Fertility Health Assessment, one needs to undergo three simple steps:


A. General Health Assessment

A woman wishing to check her fertility needs to have an AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) blood investigation and a pelvic ultrasound scan to check for ovarian reserve or other concerns.


B. Outline your best option

We will conduct a personalised Consultation with our Fertility Specialist to outline the most suitable option for you—for instance, the right time to plan for the baby or freeze your eggs.


C. Should you go for Egg Freezing?

As per your results, Family Medical background and Age, our Expert would advise you during a Consultation on how many eggs you can store to ensure a successful pregnancy in the future.