Egg Freezing

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Egg Freezing - The Demand of Changing time

'Cheat your biological clock'A phrase that compelled everyone to turn their heads, especially women who have been sailing in two boats of career and marriage. As there are lots of women who don’t want children at all or who think marriage is not necessary for having your own kids.

Today,  most the women make up more than half the workforce; as they are transformed  into the idea of “having it all”—where “all” implies, the job, the partner, children, and various other things that add to the fulfilled life of human beings on the planet earth.

Well! Philosophically speaking, age can be just a number; however, biologically speaking, increasing age can adversely impact a woman's childbearing potential. It is a proven fact that women are born with a finite number of potential eggs that start decreasing in quantity and quality every passing year.

But guess what! With Egg Freezing, a woman can use her own eggs that have been collected, frozen & preserved during her younger and healthy phase to achieve pregnancy in the later stages of life as per her own terms.

Who should go for Egg Freezing:

Thankfully, in this contemporary era, women have more educational and professional options than they had previously. However, they have to juggle a lot in balancing their career and family, so Egg Freezing has come up as a boon for such females and those struggling with some severe medical conditions.

You might consider Egg Freezing if:

  • You need treatment for cancer or any other illness that can affect your ability to get pregnant.
  • You want to delay family building for certain personal or career commitments.
  • You are undergoing in vitro fertilisation

Egg Freezing should be considered one of the best gifts a woman can give to herself in her younger years, and to guide you more personally on this, we have a team of fertility experts in our Fertility clinics who have cast experience in dealing with fertility concerns.

We prioritise our clients before profits and customise all the treatments by keeping their privacy and safety in mind.

For the same reason, we remain available to satisfy all your queries round the clock and ensure direct consultation from the experts.