Why are IVF patients often misinformed?

One of the biggest problems with IVF patients today is that they are completely and starkly unaware of their condition or the treatments that are available for them. It irks good IVF doctors to find a huge number of patients living in stupor and being greatly vulnerable to being misused by the commonly found malicious doctors.

If such unawareness amongst patient remains, then the only people benefiting from IVF will be doctors will bad intentions. Therefore, genuine experts and IVF specialists have concocted a list of reasons or factors that are behind this misinformation of IVF patients. Some of these reasons are listed below:

  • The state of literacy or education is still inadequate in India. At least half of the population comes under the uneducated category. This makes them not just unmindful to critical information about their fertility problems, but also makes them unwilling to try and search for any knowledge. Furthermore, seeing someone more knowledgeable and learned than them, such as their IVF doctors, they start literally worshipping them and believe that they would have answers and remedies for all their problems. Unfortunately for them, it is absolutely untrue, and they need to know how crucial it is for them to have sufficient information about IVF.
  • Some people are unintentionally ignorant when it comes to gaining knowledge about IVF. While some are intentionally ignorant, such people have great access to mass media, the internet and several other sources of medical information concerning IVF and everything related to it. Yet, they choose to not put any efforts towards collecting information for themselves. This is common amongst people who are too busy with their lives and like to leave their health completely in the doctor’s hands, illiterate people; people who believe the doctors know better than them no matter how learned they themselves are or are capable of being, state IVF specialists from the best IVF hospitals.
  • Often, doctors enjoy God-like reputation they have amongst patients. It gives their ego a kick and aids them in extracting unreasonable money from these patients. Nonetheless, doctors must realize how huge a responsibility they have undertaken and must make sure that the patients gain as much knowledge about their treatment as possible.