Why are We not Giving Treatment to Our New Patient?

The World Health Organization on 11th March 2020 declared Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID19) Outbreak as a global pandemic and emphasized the need for the companies to take immediate actions to detect, treat and reduce the transmissions to save the lives of people.

In response to that, the Government of India on 24th March 2020 announced a 21 days Nationwide Lockdown, in order to break the chain of transmission and protect the citizens of the country.

By taking into consideration this bold initiative by the government, and to ensure the safety and security of patients, Medicover Fertility has come to a conclusion that during this period of time, it shall not provide any treatment to new patients. Although, it regularly practices all the clinical hygiene protocols.

The Hygiene Protocols that we Practice in our Clinics are:

  • Clinical Sanitization is done every 24 Hours
  • All Employees and Staffs follow 20-second handwash protocol
  • Each staff is trained to follow safety practices based on standard guideline
  • Masks are used within the Premises wherever necessary
  • Hand Sanitizers are Made available

However, in-spite of following these practices regularly, we decided to keep our clinics closed and avoid any treatments to new patients for some time, till the chain of transmission breaks. Due to captivity, people are under great stress and that has an adverse effect on the fertility treatment and success chances. Moreover, the chances of infection is also very high at this time. Thus the more you stay at home, the better.

Keeping these in mind, Medicover Fertility has taken this step to ensure safety to it’s patients. It is our duty to follow the steps taken by the government of India to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

How is Medicover Fertility Successful in Providing Fertility Treatment?

Medicover Fertility is the leading European Fertility chain. It is known to be one of the best IVF clinics, with fertility Experts, who are internationally certified, and are dedicated to 100% patient care. Our clinics advocate quality treatment, guided by National and International Standards, so as to make it ethical, cost-effective and reliable for our patients. The entire team puts in the best of their efforts, with a core value of passionately serving childless couples in their journey of parenthood.

We intend to provide personalised fertility treatment to our patients based on their past medical history and the state of their infertility issues. It is the result of our exact guidance and individualised treatment with proven track records that we have assisted our patients, sometimes with just a bit of medical assistance or at times with other Fertility Treatments as a perfect solution to their infertility issues. The state-of-art infrastructure, advanced labs with 7 HEPA filters that provides a safe environment for eggs, sperm and embryo, and other extensive services and technologies have greatly helped countless couples facing infertility issues. It is the outcome of our quality treatment that every 3 hours, a Medicover baby is born worldwide.