Your First Appointment with an Infertility Specialist

What questions should you ask during your first consultation with an infertility specialist for selecting the best IVF clinic?

The Initial Consultation:

An excellent and experienced Doctor should be able to guide you through the entire process and be prepared to answer any questions. Sometimes letting the doctor speak can provide a lot of insight about the subject in a systematic way that will be helpful to you and easy for you to understand.

In your first appointment, you will be asked to bring your medical records and fill some forms. The nurse would suggest some mandatory tests (viral markers) and some pre-investigation tests. If you have your old medical records with you, then it would reduce stress and enable you to make use of most of your time with the doctor. Coming prepared for the appointment will help you in giving an exact medical history to your doctor, which is necessary to solve your fertility issues and provide an individualised treatment plan based on your history. Here is a list of questions a doctor will ask you in your first consultation.

Questions your Fertility Doctor will ask you:

    • How long have you been trying to get pregnant?
    • Have you kept track of your basal body temperature or ovulation?
    • When was your last period?
    • On an average, what is the length of your menstrual cycle
    • Have you ever conceived before? If yes, then what was the outcome of that pregnancy?
    • Have you ever been treated for any gynaecological issues or have you had any kind of pelvic or abdominal surgeries?
    • And lastly, the male partner will be asked a few questions on his sexual and reproductive health.

    Questions you will ask your Fertility Doctor:

    Here is a compilation of a list of questions that you should ask your doctor during your first visit. This moment with your specialist is actually an important opportunity to get answers to all your queries and to keep you stress-free.

    • Questions about Fertility evaluation: Ask your treating doctor or the nurse about any specific tests that they would recommend in diagnosing your infertility, and the costs of the tests. Get a list of all the tests along with their costs, so that you don’t miss out on any.
    • Questions about Diagnosis: How long will it take to diagnose the fertility issues? Remember each couple and each case is different, and the doctor may only be able to give an exact answer after they see your detailed medical reports of your blood test, ultrasound or any other tests that were recommended to you.
    • Questions about Treatment plan: An individualised treatment plan will be chalked out, based on your diagnosis.
      • You can ask your fertility specialist about the success rate of the fertility treatment recommended?
      • The Cost of the treatment recommended
      • In case she has recommended IVF, then ask why IUI was not suggested?
      • If the cause of infertility is known, then you can ask if this condition is likely to get worse with time, or remain the same or maybe improve with time?
      • What treatment plan to follow if it is a case of unexplained infertility?
      • What are the risks or side effects of these fertility treatments?
      • How many cycles do they recommend before trying any other treatment?
      • Are there any precautions that are needed to be followed to improve the chances of success before, during, and after treatment?
    • Questions about the fertility clinic: When it’s time for you to choose a fertility clinic, do a thorough research way ahead of time. Go by its success rate, transparency, cost efficiency, ethics and presence of skilled and qualified doctors and embryologist. Ask the treating doctor the following questions:
      • Does the clinic have any fertility counsellor?
      • Are all the testing’s and procedures done in-house?
      • Is the cost of medicines included?
      • Are the nursing staff/embryologists available 24/7?
      • In case of emergency whom to contact?
      • What is the success rate of this clinic?
      • In case I have additional eggs/embryos, will I be able to preserve them? If so, then what are the charges?
      • Are there any IVF financing plans?

The First Visit Is Your First Step Towards Parenthood:

Becoming a parent is considered to be one of the most exciting times in a couple’s life. You embark on this journey with high hopes and expectations about what life will be like when you have your children and raise them. You will probably feel both excited and nervous at the same time during your first visit to the fertility doctor. Hence bring your partner along for that emotional support, and also because it is necessary for both the partners to be present at the first appointment. As with any medical appointment, they are usually information-filled, and you have to fill up some forms, and you won’t want to miss anything. Expect the initial consultation to last one to one-and-a-half hours. You will meet your fertility specialist, counsellor and, possibly, other members like the nurse or phlebotomist. Just keep in mind that you have the right to be informed and ask any questions about every phase and stage of treatment along with the expenses.

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