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What are the effects of smoking on infertility

How Smoking Can Effect Your Fertility: The Role of Smoking in Infertility

Smoking is indeed injurious to health. Experts have proven then and now that chain smoking causes severe damage to, predominantly, the lungs, trachea, mouth, kidneys among others in one’s body. IVF specialists claim that this deadly and highly addictive habit has adverse effects on the fertility or reproductive system of a smoker. Some of the damages that experts from reputed IVF hospitals and infertility treatment centers recommend infertile patients to know are as follows:

  • Women –
  • The treatments for fertility that smokers undergo take much longer than for normal people to positively affect the patient.
  • The chances of giving birth to a genetically unhealthy baby are much higher in smokers.
  • Even non-smokers are not safe from the negative effects of smoking if they live with a smoker. The chemicals that are released in the smoke coming from the cigarette put non-smokers in the secondary smokers’ category wherein they get affected by the smoke just as much as a smoker gets affected.
  • Nicotine, the most dominant chemical in cigarettes affects the reproductive system adversely.
  • Regular smoking deteriorates the genetics and DNA of the body that causes difficulties in conceiving, higher chances of miscarriage and disabilities in the baby.
  • A big ill-effect of smoking is premature menopause.
  • The chemicals found in the smoke of cigarettes are absorbed by the body rapidly. If a pregnant woman continues to smoke, these chemicals may cause sudden fetal death.
  • Problems such as repetitive miscarriages, preterm labor and ectopic pregnancy are more common amongst smokers.
  • Men –
  • Smoking results in severe hormonal imbalance in men.
  • Fertility problems like lower sperm count, sperm motility problems, among others, are alarmingly common amongst chain smokers.
  • Erectile Dysfunction is a major problem faced by smokers.