Pregnancy Test after IVF | Pregnancy Test after Fertility Treatment

How do you know if your IVF procedure was a success? You go through all the tests that determine your exact cause of infertility. Once that is done, the doctor lays out your options, and you discuss the best path on which to proceed. You take all the prescribed medication. The eggs are extracted after the course of hormone injections to stimulate the ovaries for mature eggs. The semen sample is submitted. The embryo is successfully made in the lab and kept for a few days before transfer. This matured embryo is then transferred to the uterus through the IVF procedure.

What happens now? The doctor gives you some precautionary measures to adhere to. Some dos and don’ts to follow for about 2 weeks, till your next appointment. The next appointment will entail the pregnancy test. This 2 weeks period is the most crucial time and determines the outcome of the whole IVF treatment that you have undergone all these months. It is important for patients to be very cautious with their health during these 2 weeks and obediently follow the doctor’s instructions. The success of your IVF treatment depends to some extent on your compliance.

All the months leading up to the IVF procedure were just in preparation to make this procedure possible. The two weeks wait also commonly referred to as the 2ww is a very crucial time.
The emotional and mental reaction varies from patient to patient during this 2ww. Some of the more common reactions are:

  • Apprehension: The patient is very nervous about the outcome and fears failure of the IVF procedure. They are filled with dread and generally maintain a negative disposition. This is not very conducive for the implantation as the emotions of a person, feels resonates in their body and causes reactions accordingly. The fear of failure is so strong that it can actually even have a strong negative impact on the body, causing the procedure to fail. Doctors advise remaining calm and focusing on positive things during the 2ww.
  • Excitement: The couple is very excited about the prospect of having a baby and cannot wait for the 2ww to be over. Even though most doctors prepare patients for the prospect of IVF failure, every patient only thinks of success. They start preparing for the baby and what they will do, what they need to buy etc. They also start preparing for their pregnancy, including looking at pregnancy clothes and buying pregnancy guide books.
  • Casual: Some women have a very nonchalant attitude after the IVF procedure like they couldn’t care less. This attitude does not evoke any strong emotions, which is good, but it may also cause the patient to be careless about her health and not adhere to the precautions that are very crucial at this time. Till the embryo does not implant the doctors would like the patient to be cautious and not indulge in any activity that could hamper implantation.
  • Noncompliance: Some patients are just plain disobedient and think they know better than the doctor. They do what they feel like and avoid what they do not feel like doing. This lack of cooperation can be detrimental to the success of the IVF procedure and 2ww. Noncompliance has led to the failure of many IVF procedures that could have been successful.

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Strong emotions, either negative or positive, are not advisable during the 2ww. Remaining calm and going about life as usual within the parameters set by the doctor is the best way to pass the 2ww. There are several activities that the patient can indulge in to help pass the time and keep a positive state of mind.

The pregnancy test is conducted after a wait of 2 weeks to allow the HCG levels to increase in the body. The trophectoderm cells of the embryo produce the HCG hormone after it implants. An increased quantity of this HCG hormone is necessary to get a positive confirmation about the pregnancy. The HCG level begins to rapidly increase on a daily basis after the implantation. Implantation can take anywhere between 3 to 8 days, depending on the type of embryo transfer.

The 2ww is a very important time, and it is vital that patients pay careful attention to the doctor’s instructions to do their part towards making the IVF procedure a success.