Myths About IVF

Infertility is heart-wrenching for couples. Its revelation thrashes their dreams of a family. Infertility specialists and IVF doctors state that In Vitro Fertilization is like finding an oasis after walking for hours in a dry and hot desert for infertile couples. It not just brings hope for them but is also very much capable of fulfilling their dreams of having a family more than once.

Unluckily, several doctors from the top surrogacy centers state that the poor potential IVF patients are left bereft of hope thanks to a plethora of myths thrown at them by their unaware and oblivious friends, family members, relatives and others about infertility and IVF.

However, the good news is that experts from the best IVF hospitals claim that these myths are ridiculous and untrue.

Most of the potential patients of IVF believe these myths easily because they have impractical and unrealistic expectations with IVF. They think that they would get pregnant right in the first cycle. But IVF is a bit convoluted. Not many couples conceive in the first cycle. They are required to go through several cycles before being successful. Hence, patients must expect realistically keeping an open mind and prepare themselves for failure too.

Many people believe that IVF is unnatural. Furthermore, they think that since nothing artificially done results in a good result, it’s the same with IVF too. Fortunately, IVF is anything but artificial. In fact, it mimics what happens naturally. Instead of the sperms reaching the uterus naturally, they are placed inside using a catheter in IUI, or they are fertilized with the female’s eggs in a Petri Dish and transferred into the womb in the form of an embryo thereafter. Therefore, there is literally nothing artificial in the process that could result in abnormal or disabled babies. These abnormalities are dependent on the genes provided by the patents.

Thus, patients need to cease believing in such myths, accumulate sufficient knowledge about the process of IVF and go for it without hesitation.