Myths About Infertility

Infertility can be a very difficult revelation to digest for couples who are planning to expand their family. Furthermore, they are bombarded by others with an array of baseless myths and misconceptions regarding infertility. This breaks their hearts even further. Expert and experienced IVF specialists from choice Infertility treatment hospitals and clinics state that infertile patients need to be aware of these misconceptions.

To guide our readers, here are some important facts about infertility:

  • Some couples cannot believe that they are infertile since they already have a child. But infertility is something that can attack anyone at any time.
  • Some couples think that they are too young to suffer from infertility. But again, infertility does not see age before unleashing itself on the victim.
  • One-tenth of couples who are trying to conceive a baby are unaware about their infertility until they find out that they are unable to get pregnant.
  • Albeit, older women, are at a higher risk of infertility since they suffer from deterioration of the entirety of their body.
  • If one has had a child earlier, it does not ensure that their fertility is still perfect. It only shows their fertility at a point of time. They may suffer from infertility later.
  • Some infertile patients are able to conceive in the bedroom, but they suffer from miscarriages thereafter.
  • Some of these couples think that one must consult their doctor only after suffering from multiple miscarriages and not after the very first one.
  • Many couples believe that miscarriages are common. Unfortunately, they are not.
  • Being healthy, active and fit may be a certain way to prevent infertility. Yet, it not 100% effective and such active people may also suffer from infertility.
  • Some couples believe that having an inadequate amount of sex is the reason why they are unable to conceive. But the truth is that in some cases, having sex just once is also enough.
  • Getting pregnant is a miracle of God. This is only partially true. Indeed, the human reproductive system is so inefficient that conceiving is nothing less than a miracle. But a lot of ungodly factors like timing of sexual intercourse, the regularity of ovulation and more affect the possibility of pregnancy.

A very common misconception related to infertility is that men cannot be infertile. This is, however, far from the truth. A man has the equivalent chances of being infertile to those of women. They may suffer from problems like inadequate production of sperms, immobility on sperms, low-quality sperms and more.