Medicover Fertility High IVF Success Rate?

What is the secret behind Medicover’s high success rate for IVF treatment? One cannot attribute this success to any one factor but to a collective combination of reasons. The highlights for Medicover’s IVF success rate ranges from highly specialised doctors, using latest IVF techniques, state of the art hospitals and facilities, proper medical guidance of patients and working together with patients to see their fertility success through.

Medicover is a leading European fertility chain. Their fame for high IVF success rate has spread far and wide, and they now have a presence in many other countries around the world. They boldly brag that they have a Medicover baby born every 3 hours worldwide. This is a tough record to beat and is a feather in their cap.

How does Medicover keep their IVF success rate at the pinnacle?

Let us take a look at some of the fair practices followed by the Medicover clinics.

Assessing the exact problem

It is important for a Fertility consultant to thoroughly understand the medical condition of both partners before assessing the case and suggesting treatment options. Both partners will be advised to undergo a number of different tests and scans. After studying the test results, the doctor may advise further tests if there is a problem in a particular area that needs an in-depth study. Doctors do a thorough study of the case history before offering a diagnosis.

Total transparency with patients

Medicover comprises of a team of experienced and highly qualified fertility experts. These doctors are up to date on the latest happening in the medical world, especially in the fertility treatment sector. Medicover Fertility consultants believe in being absolutely transparent with their patients. They explain the medical condition and the test results to the patients in simple terms, helping them to understand exactly where they are at.

Advise patients correctly

A Medicover Fertility Consultant is honest and upfront with couples regarding their medical condition. They suggest procedures and options that in their expert opinion, have more than a 50% chance of success. A Medicover doctor will only suggest fertility treatment that they are sure has a good chance of working. They do not believe in misleading patients at any stage.

Clearing patients doubts

Sometimes patients may have enquired from other infertile couples or done some fertility treatment research on their own and would like some clarification as to why the doctor does not suggest another procedure that helped someone else. The Medicover fertility consultant takes the time to explain to the patient regarding various procedures and why certain procedures are not advisable in their specific case while others are.

Understanding and caring doctors

At times it can be quite difficult and frustrating for the Medicover fertility consultants when patients are adamant, but patience is the key. The doctors understand that most patients have been through a certain degree of frustration, depression, torment, desperation and humiliation from the people around them including family members.

Professional expertise

A team of skilled and talented doctors and medical staff are important factors in ensuring IVF success. Most people don’t give much importance to the embryologist. However, this is the person responsible for the successful fertilisation of the embryo that is implanted inside the patient's uterus.

Advanced IVF Labs

We at Medicover Fertility, work according to the ICMR and ESHRE guidelines to provide a world-class laboratory to our patients and enhance their chances of success, given any cycle of IVF.  ​We have Modern Labs with 7 stage HEPA filters to provide a clean environment as pure as mother’s womb. We ensure 100% trust and transparency through our transparent labs with glass windows, that allows the patients to get a clear view of the IVF procedures in the lab.

We also have full-time embryologists, unlike many other fertility treatment centres, where they hire embryologists on case-to-case basis.

Individualised Treatment Plans

Our fertility specialists, treat patients with a wide variety of infertility cases like advanced endometriosis, fallopian tube blockage, advanced male factor infertility cases etc. and they take an individualised approach to deal with each. Based on their infertility issues and past medical history, the patients are dealt with the utmost care and are provided quality treatment.

Patient cooperation

At Medicover, they believe that to a large extent, the IVF success rate is due to the cooperation and compliance of the patient. The patient needs to strictly adhere to the guideline advised by the doctor and take their medication on time. Failure on the patient’s part to comply could lead to IVF failure. The Medicover doctors and patients work together in making the IVF procedure a success.

Medicover offers the best hospital facilities for IVF treatment. Their hi-tech labs and advanced procedures ensure the high IVF success rate that they enjoy.