How to choose the best fertility clinic in Gurgaon

People are often confused when choosing a fertility clinic to have their treatment. This is quite understandable. You are not expected to know off-hand, which one is the right clinic for you. Some people book an appointment with the first clinic that they hear about or someone they know may suggest a clinic to visit.

It is important to understand that any doctor or fertility clinic you go to will follow certain guidelines. As far as the doctor or the clinic is concerned – you have gone to them with a problem, and they feel responsible for providing you with the treatment. However, you may be there just to check out the place and the services. When you consult a doctor, they will ask you about your medical history. Next, they will prescribe some test for you to have, which will help them to determine the exact problem is, which is preventing you from getting pregnant. This is a routine procedure. If you don’t like the clinic or the facilities or even the doctor, you don’t have to have your treatment there. But at times, couples feel compelled to continue their treatment at that clinic even if they are not very comfortable with the environment or services.

Sometimes your intention was just to go for the consultation to find out what is wrong with you and why you can’t conceive or maybe to assess if this is the place you want to have your treatment. It is important to understand that you are under no obligation to have your fertility treatment at a clinic or hospital that you are not totally satisfied with when you are paying for a service you have the right to choose the best.

What do you do  when a doctor prescribes tests and gives you another appointment date to come back? You were just there to check out the clinic and its facilities not to start treatment. To make things worse, the doctor may even call the hospital staff and ask them to accompany you to the lab for your tests. This puts you in an awkward position and gives you little room to back out. These are tactics used by some clinic to trap patients. This is the first warning sign that you should heed to. A clinic that literally forces you to do things that you are not ready for and put you in a position where you have little choice is not the kind of clinic that follows moral ethics and principles. Many couples for lack of not wanting to appear rude or uncooperative just go along and have the tests. Often this results in them having to pay huge sums of money. Some of the more conniving clinics make you pay for the fertility treatment upfront as well and are not willing to relent. These psychological games are repulsive and make you want to get away from there as soon as you can. If you find yourself in this situation, it is important to inform the medical staff before taking any tests that you will come back for the tests. You do not owe anyone an explanation for your actions. You are exercising your right to free will and choice.

Fertility treatment is an emotionally sensitive issue and needs to be handled with care and consideration by the doctor. A doctor that is domineering is not the right choice. A couple needs to feel at ease.

It is essential to make it clear to the doctor during your appointment that you are just there for the consultation and will make your decision to continue treatment at that clinic or not after discussing the matter with the elders in your family, or after thinking about it. You can take the list of prescribed tests from the doctor just in case you decide that this is the clinic which you like best or just for your own reference.

The fertility clinic you visit will most probably be a place that has been recommended by someone you know or in an advertisement you saw somewhere, or maybe you found the clinic online. It could also be a place somewhere close to where you live or visit, a clinic that you have passed a million times and have now decided to visit. How you found the clinic is irrelevant. The only thought for consideration is when you have been recommended a clinic by someone who had their fertility treatment there. In this case, you need to get feedback about their experience and if they were happy with the treatment or if they felt that they should have had their treatment someplace else. Taking their personal feedback can help you make a decision. However, do not go just by their judgement, make your own assessment before proceeding.

The only way to find a suitable clinic is by visiting and meeting the doctor. When you enter a clinic, you either feel good or uncomfortable. This initial impression is important. Fertility treatment is intensive and will stretch over a long duration of time. You need to have your treatment in a clinic where you feel totally at ease. Your frame of mind will affect the outcome and success of your treatment; hence, and it is essential to ensure that you choose a clinic you like.

Trusting your doctor  is another essential criterion. Sometimes you meet a doctor and immediately feel an affinity. You get this impression that they understand your condition, and you can trust them with your treatment. Sometimes you meet a doctor that you feel is not someone you can relate to very well. You may feel that the doctor is forceful and trying to impose their will on you or you feel that they are not sure of what they are doing. In this case, it is better to change your doctor. You may have a clash of personality with the doctor, and this does happen sometimes. It does not mean that the doctor is incompetent; it just means that you and the doctor cannot work together. Fortunately, there are many choices for you.

Local clinic
If you are living in Gurgaon, you obviously want to visit a fertility clinic locally. A clinic that is centrally located and easily accessible is preferable for most people. Medicover Fertility has a clinic in Gurgaon that is strategically located in Sector 29. This place is easy to access from any part of Gurgaon, Manesar, Pataudi and Sohna.


Infertility is a condition in which a couple cannot get pregnant. This conclusion is come upon after months or years of trying to have a baby. In most cases, the infertility is caused due to a physical condition, and in a few cases, it may be a psychological problem.

Infertility is now a common occurrence, and many couples face a problem while trying to have a baby. It could be a female fertility problem or a male fertility problem or a problem with the fertility of both partners. There are a number of different issues due to which couples cannot conceive. To find out what the problem is and the right solution, a couple needs to visit a fertility clinic.


Fertility treatment is a consideration for those couples who want to start a family, but for some reason, have been unable to get pregnant naturally.

Fertility treatment is recommended when you have been trying to have a baby and have met the following condition:

  • If you have been trying to get pregnant for a year or longer
  • If you have been having regular unprotected sex and not got pregnant
  • If you have a problem with your menstrual cycle
  • If you have a low sperm count
  • If you have problems with ejaculation
  • If you have a history of some sexually transmitted disease
  • If you have suffered from the pelvic inflammatory disease in the past

These are some of the situations in which you should consider fertility treatment to start a family.

A couple who are very keen to have a baby and have not been able to conceive should get a medical check-up for possible infertility issues. The thought of being infertile can be daunting, and most people would rather not go down that road. The truth is that the longer you delay, the harder it gets. Age is the worst enemy of fertility. Couples find it increasingly difficult to conceive even with fertility treatment as they get older. The sooner you get a check-up and find out if there is something wrong with your fertility, the sooner you can start treatment, just in case you need it.


You are not compelled to have your treatment at the first clinic that you visit. Take your time to visit various clinics and find out what they are offering and the facilities and services they have. It is important to select the clinic, which you feel is right for you.

Success rate

It is important to remember what the purpose of selecting a fertility clinic is – you want to have a baby. When you are selecting a fertility clinic, what matters most is the success rate of the clinic. You may wonder what a success rate is. Not every couple who undergoes fertility treatment comes back with a baby. The success rate of the clinic is defined by the number of patients who have a successful pregnancy as compared to those that do not. There are some couples who have a great number of complications, and despite the doctors, best efforts are not able to conceive. Your interest here is to know how many of the couples who have fertility treatment at the clinic actually have a successful one. What is the pregnancy percentage at the clinic?

The success rate of the clinic can tell you a lot about the clinic, the doctors, the facilities and the type of treatment. A clinic that has a good success rate is a clinic that is offering the kind of treatment that you want to have. A fertility clinic like Medicover has numerous clinics around the world, and they have a Medicover baby born every 3 hours globally. This success rate has made Medicover Fertility a much sought after the clinic for fertility treatment everywhere in the world.


There are many aspects to a fertility clinic. The most important one that meets the eye is the standard of services and the type of facilities offered by the clinic. Some important qualities for consideration are:

  • Infrastructure:  Infrastructure does not mean the architecture of the building and the interior decoration but rather how the clinic presents itself, the upkeep and the maintenance of a place speaks volumes regarding the standards. The equipment and the technology used by the clinic matters. Some clinics use the latest technology equipment and methods, while others do not want to keep investing to stay up to date. Clinics that use the latest technology are obviously able to provide their patients with better treatment.
  • Facilities:  Some clinics offer their patients a number of different facilities. These vary from clinic to clinic, and there is no standard rule as to the facilities a clinic should offer to be considered good. A couple has to judge for themselves. Medicover Fertility clinic offers patents certain facilities like CCTV coverage inside the lab so that the couple can see what is going on with their embryo. Other facilities such as DNA test can also be provided on special request. This is just in case the couple have any doubts about the biological authenticity of the embryo.
  • Reputation:  One of the main founding factors which help to distinguish the better clinics is the reputation that the clinic has. A reputation is created on what other people have to say. What people say is mainly based on first-hand accounts. If the reputation is good, then you can be sure that the clinic is worth getting your treatment at. Clinics like Medicover Fertility have a very good reputation.
  • Patient care:  Some clinics offer personalised care, while others offer standard services for patients. Individualised attention makes a difference. Each patient's needs are different, and in each case, the kind of care required varies.

How do you know which is the right clinic for you?
This is something that you just feel. When a fertility clinic is the right one, you just know it. It may be defined by the comfort level you share with the doctor or by the atmosphere of the place or just the fact that the fertility clinic has a good standard and operates on modern methods and follows the latest treatment procedures.

It is important to choose your fertility treatment clinic with care. This will define the future of your life. Having a baby is a life-changing event. The treatment and conditions under which you have your baby will also have some impact


There is no one solution for infertility. If you are not able to conceive, it could be due to a vast number of reasons. The treatment is always determined only after finding out the cause. You may have to go through a variety of different tests to check the proper functioning of various reproductive organs.

The most common treatments for infertile couples to have a child are:

  • IUI:  Intra Uterine Insemination is an artificial insemination technique in which the male sperm are washed and treated before being injected into the female partner’s uterus. This is an effective treatment for couples with low sperm count and unexplained infertility.
  • IVF:  In vitro fertilisation is a process in which the female egg is extracted from the ovaries, and the male partner has to ejaculate semen in a sample cup. The egg and sperm are fertilised in the lab in an out of body fertilisation technique. This process is commonly referred to as a test-tube baby. The 3-day old embryo is then transferred to the mother’s womb to grow naturally.
  • ICSI:  The Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection is an advanced fertility treatment and highly recommended in cases of severe male infertility. There are some couples where the male partner has very poor quality sperm or no sperm in the ejaculate requiring the surgical retrieval of sperm from the testes. In these cases, they are recommended the ICSI treatment for the egg fertilisation.

    Under the expert leadership of Dr Richa Sharma, a senior fertility consultant with international training and experience, the Medicover Fertility Clinic at Gurgaon is catering to the infertile population of Gurgaon. Despite the fact that Gurgaon is the hub of many large 5 star hospitals that claim to offer top of the line treatment, Medicover Fertility is still the popular choice for fertility treatment. The kind of advanced fertility treatments and services offered at Medicover far surpasses anything offered by its peers.

    Medicover is part of a European Healthcare Group and maintains international standards at all their clinics. They follow the international protocol of advanced fertility treatments to ensure that their patients get the best treatment and have a good chance of a successful pregnancy.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We have visited many fertility clinics but found that the standard of service was not good and hence we did not have our treatment there. Could you suggest a good fertility clinic with a good standard?

    Medicover Fertility Clinic offers its patients international standard treatment.

    How can we find out the authentic success rate of a clinic?

    There are several ways to check the success rate. One way is to check the media coverage and see if it mentions anything about the kind of treatment and success rate of the clinic. Another way is to talk to patients who have had their treatment at the clinic and enquire about their treatment and its success. This will also help you to prepare for what to expect from the clinic.

    I’ve just started IVF treatment but I am not happy with the clinic and the doctor. Can I change my doctor?

    Yes, you can change your doctor if you are not satisfied. Either the clinic will assign you another doctor, or you can change the clinic where you are having your treatment and go to another fertility clinic which suits you better.