How to Choose the Best Fertility Clinic in Delhi

India is a country with a huge population, yet this very aspect of fruitful procreation which helped to produce this population is now dwindling as we see a steady decline in fertility. One out of every six couples needs some kind of help to get pregnant. This is a serious problem and could be the start of the elimination of the human race as we know it.

The concern for fertility is a grave one. Men and women of all ages are looking for a medical cure for their infertility. They desire a solution that can help them to have a baby despite the medical problems that they have. Fortunately, IVF provides successful treatment for infertility, and a large number of infertile couples can get pregnant and have babies.

Research has found that PCOS among women and low sperm count among men is the most common reason for current day infertility. The number of young people suffering from infertility is appalling. Fertility clinics are flooded with couples willing to do anything just to be able to have a baby.


What happens to couples who have been trying to conceive for months? Each month they plan their sexual activity and calculate fertility dates from their ovulation calendar. Sex is turned into a baby-making activity rather than an act of pleasure. Unfortunately, the truth is that if you haven’t got pregnant in a year of trying the probability of getting pregnant naturally is minimal. There is no point in wasting any more time and effort in trying each month. It is time to get a fertility test and seek medical intervention if the test results are not encouraging.

Couples who are not able to get pregnant naturally after trying for a year or two are the ones who need fertility treatment. There are a number of different Assisted Reproductive Techniques that have become quite popular. In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) has helped many couples with severe infertility problems to have a baby.

At one time infertility was a rare occurrence and treatment was hardly an option. Today infertility is a common incidence and treatment is easily available. Almost every large hospital has some kind of setup which provides fertility treatment.

There are mainly two categories of people who seek fertility treatment:

Young infertile couples: Many young couples hardly married for a few years come seeking fertility treatment because they are unable to conceive after trying for several years. In a normal Indian family, the need to have a child cannot be questioned; it is a compulsion. Young women with hormonal problems, ovulation disorders, blocked fallopian tubes, pelvic inflammatory disease, or some other infection are not able to conceive and need fertility treatment. In 30% of the cases, it is a male fertility problem with low sperm count or poor sperm quality.

Older couples with planned delayed parenthood: Today, couples plan their lives and future. Having children is no longer a priority that's all thanks to the many facilities available in the medical realm of fertility and assisted reproductive techniques. Couple give preference to their careers and second place to parenthood. By the time they get around to trying for a baby, they are usually in their late 30s or early 40’s. By this age, female fertility is on the decline, and they are left with little choice but to seek fertility treatment. After the age of 40, even male fertility begins to take a downward spiral. Natural pregnancy is out of the question, but IVF has the solution they seek.


There are a number of different fertility problems that are affecting people and preventing pregnancy. Numerous young women are diagnosed with ovulation disorders and hormonal imbalance. Polycystic ovaries are now becoming a common condition among the younger generation of women. Some women are being affected as early as in their teenage years with polycystic ovaries.

A large number of young men find that they have a low sperm count. This could be due to the fact that young people don the pressures of life at a young age and are under the pressures of their family where they are expected to perform superbly in every area of their life. Good grades, excellent job, high pay, reputed organisation and the list goes on. The stress can present itself in varying ways, and one of them is by affecting sperm production.

A very small percentage of people suffer from infertility due to genetics or injury in the pelvic or abdominal areas. However, there is also an increased number of infertile people due to the side effects of medical treatments such as cancer. Chemotherapy has a permanently damaging effect on fertility.


Facing infertility can be emotionally disturbing. From time immemorial, when a woman was not able to conceive, she was looked down upon. Unfortunately, this outlook has not changed over the centuries. An infertile woman is scorned and belittled. Education and modernism have made no difference to the way infertility cases are viewed. This is probably the reason couples do not disclose their infertility condition and the fact that they are undergoing fertility treatment to anyone. Hospitals maintain strict confidence in patient’s records.

It can be very hard on a woman when she learns that she cannot have a baby. Fortunately, today there are treatment options, and having a baby is no longer an unfulfilled desire. Even though the emotional distress still lingers, but the hope is sparked by IVF. Fertility consultants understand the emotional aspects surrounding fertility treatment and infertility and ensure that they are handling their patients' sentiments delicately.


There is no dearth of fertility clinics in Delhi. They come in various shapes and sizes, some reputed and some selling scams. Some clinics are just out to make money, while others are keen to provide a good service. Many couples are fooled by small clinics, offering them low-cost IVF treatment. Then there are other specialised fertility clinics that provide high-quality, world-class fertility treatment.

Some couples prefer to visit clinics that have been recommended by other people or are reputed brand names that they have heard of. In making a decision about which fertility clinic can be a tough choice, and there are many factors that influence this decision. Without beating around the bush, we know that cost is an important factor. But there is more to medical treatment than cost.


There are some basic criteria which people look at and utilise to assess how good a hospital is. It is necessary to know how you can identify a good clinic. Some of the important factors are:

Reputation: What are people saying about the fertility clinic? Judging a fertility clinic by its reputation is a good way to start. A reputation cannot be built by itself, and it relies on what people say. People talk based on their experience, and this does not lie. So if a clinic has a good reputation, you can trust that the clinic is providing a service that is worthwhile.

Success rate: There is no better way to judge the quality of the service than by assessing the success rate of the fertility clinic. If a clinic has a high success rate, they are definitely doing something right. You can be sure that they know what they are doing to be able to prove themselves in such a manner. IVF success is an excellent way to find out what kind of treatment a fertility clinic is giving its patients. When patients are visiting a clinic for IVF treatment and are leaving with a baby – this sums up everything in actions that words are inadequate to describe.

Infrastructure: Is the fertility clinic equipped to provide the kind of service you are looking for or that they claim to? If they have the required infrastructure, they can do what they say. If they do not have the necessary setup, it is quite likely that you are not going to get the quality of medical treatment that you expect. It is important to choose a fertility clinic that has modern up to date infrastructure. Some clinics are particular about imbibing the latest technology, and this says a lot about the kind of service they provide.

Facilities: The facilities and services offered by a fertility clinic matters to the patient. Everyone wants to have their treatment at a clinic that provides good facilities irrespective of the cost of the treatment. This is a no-compromise zone. Good hospital facilities reflect the kind of overall service that patients will receive once they start treatment.

Cost: IVF can be an expensive treatment, but a clinic should be able to give you a ballpark figure of how much it will cost. Some clinics are vague about the total cost and keep surprising you will pay huge bills as the treatment progresses. This can catch a couple unawares and set them financially off balance. Some clinics give you a total package cost and inform you regarding other expenses that might come up, giving you a rough estimate of what you should be prepared for.

Transparency: When a clinic is upfront, you feel that you can trust them. When a fertility clinic wants to hide stuff and keep it confidential, then you know something is not quite right. Most good reputed fertility clinics follow a total transparency policy and keep the couple updated about each procedure and how the patient is responding, test results and complications if any. When decisions are to be made regarding which course of treatment to follow the couple are allowed to have the final say in the matter. It is important to be a part of the decision making based on the doctor’s suggestion, as you are the one who is shelling out the money.

Medical staff: Some clinics and hospitals have visiting consultants who are associated with many hospitals. They are not committed to any one place and are usually on the move. Some clinics have a team of in-house doctors who are committed to the clinic and the happenings therein. They are always available in case the patient has an emergency or a need. It is better to select a fertility clinic that has a team of in-house staff.

Radha and Sanjeev were at odds between deciding which fertility clinic to go to. Their gynaecologist said that Radha was infertile and the only way for them to have a baby was through IVF treatment. When they checked online for a fertility clinic, hundreds of names came up each one claiming to be the best. This was not the answer to their question. They shortlisted some clinics and then began ticking each one based on whether they fulfilled the required criteria which categorised it as a good fertility clinic. After analysing the services and facilities etc. of multiple clinics, they realise that the success rate was an essential criterion. A Fertility Clinic, which had a good success rate, was one that they wanted because, at the end of the day, a successful pregnancy is what matters most. This is when they found that Medicover Fertility satisfied all the criteria of a good fertility clinic. Being residents of Dwarka, they visited the Medicover Fertility Clinic in Dwarka for their IVF treatment.


Medicover Fertility Clinic was awarded “Medicover Fertility Clinic was awarded “The Leading Fertility Chain in India” in National Awards for Excellence in Healthcare by Times Network in 2017. Medicover started in India a little over a year ago with 3 clinics and has now grown to 13 clinics. This award had established that even though Medicover Fertility is a relatively new name in India, its European legacy plays a vital role in defining its quality of services. Medicover launched in India, offering the country international standard fertility treatment with the latest technology advanced treatments that have helped numerous childless couples to realise their dream of having a baby.

Medicover Fertility is a fast-growing chain of fertility clinics and has proved itself over and over again by providing high quality international standard service. Each clinic is outfitted with the latest technology equipment and ultra-modern infrastructure.


Some people may wonder why they should go to Medicover for Fertility treatment when there are so many other famous brand names providing the same treatment. If Medicover claims to be a part of an international health care group, there are others that have international affiliation too. Many clinics use advanced treatments. So what makes Medicover the preferred choice?

Let us come back to the original reason why people go to a fertility clinic, services, technology infrastructure; doctors are also secondary factors. People go to a fertility clinic to have a baby, and Medicover Fertility is one of the best fertility clinics in Delhi that can give you the hope of that baby better than any other clinic can. Medicover has one of the best success rates all over the world. There is a Medicover baby born every 3 hours globally. The Medicover headquarters are always probing the latest breakthroughs in the field of fertility that could help improve success rates. When something revolutionary or radical comes through, these techniques are then incorporated into the different Medicover Fertility Clinics all over the world to give the already soaring IVF success rates another boost.

Medicover has a number of Fertility clinics strategically located around Delhi. The location of each clinic has been chosen with a specific intent cater to a certain area. Each clinic is situated in an area which is convenient and easily accessible.


The population of Delhi consider themselves superior and want the best facilities. This applies to medical facilities too. One of the best fertility Center in Delhi, Medicover Fertility Clinic in Panchsheel is a high-end clinic headed by a Senior Fertility Consultant Dr. Sweta Gupta. She is a doctor of international acclaim and has spent many years working abroad as well. The Panchsheel clinic caters to the nearby places as well as the southern part of central Delhi areas. It is a large clinic, centrally located and easily accessible.


“We went to Medicover Fertility Clinic in Panchsheel after our experience of failed IVF at many other fertility clinics. We had heard a lot about Medicover Fertility for the best IVF clinic in Delhi, but were still a little hesitant due to our past experience of many failed IVF. Our whole attitude changed after we met Dr Sweta. She was so reassuring that we felt we could put our whole faith in her. I can confidently say that she is one of the best infertility specialist in Delhi. Our treatment went so well, and finally, we have our IVF baby thanks Medicover Fertility Clinic and a special thanks to Dr Sweta.”


The Dwarka region of Delhi is quite huge and growing. People living in this area and the surrounding areas of Janakpuri, Vikaspuri, etc needed their own fertility clinic that could provide them with high class international standard fertility treatment. There is a huge residential population in these areas, and hence, Medicover Fertility found that they could make do with their own fertility clinic. The fertility clinic at Dwarka sees many couples who are not able to conceive walk in through the doors and leave with a baby at the end of their treatment.


The Medicover Fertility clinic at Pusa road is the latest addition to the infertility clinic in Delhi, with its launch in July 2017. In hardly a span of two months, the clinic has been able to help many infertile couples deal with their infertility and achieve a successful pregnancy. Dr. Poonam is a very experienced doctor and heads the Medicover Fertility Clinic at Pusa Road. This clinic serves the residents of Central Delhi and some parts of North Delhi.


This clinic operates under the leadership of Dr. Sweta Gupta and has been a great help for people from the Northwestern part of Delhi who find it difficult to travel to central or other parts of Delhi for proper medical facilities especially when it comes to fertility. Medicover identified the need for high-quality fertility services in North West Delhi and found Rohini to be a very central location which is easily accessible from many areas. It is well connected by multiple metro lines as well.


Q: What is the quality of service at Medicover?

A: Medicover Fertility provides a high-quality fertility service of International standards and is amongst the best fertility clinic in Delhi. 

Q: What kind of doctors does Medicover Fertility have?

A: Medicover has a team of in-house doctors who are experienced, highly qualified and internationally certified.

Q: Is IVF treatment at Medicover expensive?

A: : Medicover Fertility offers competitive market rates for IVF treatment. To make the financial burden lighter, Medicover offers an EMI payment plan. It is one of the best IVF clinic in Delhi. 

Q: Can I get a second opinion at Medicover Fertility?

A: Yes, Medicover Fertility will provide you with a second opinion. You can speak to any of the Fertility Consultants and have your queries answered.