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Infertility now appears to be a very common problem among the new generation. This could be related to various factors such as modern lifestyle, food habits and stress. Sometimes the problem could be physical and sometimes mental or emotional. When you are considering starting a family, it is necessary to identify what is hindering your efforts to conceive. Most couples try for a few years to get pregnant before they realise that there could be a health issue that is not enabling them to conceive. Even though infertility is quite common nowadays, many couples still shy away from the fact that either or both of them could be infertile.

When a couple has been trying to get pregnant, but it is just not happening, it leads them to contemplate other options like assisted fertility. Infertility is difficult to accept for either partner, but the strong desire to have a baby leads them to consider fertility treatment.

Choosing a reputed and reliable fertility clinic

Fertility treatment is a very crucial matter and should be given its due importance. It is imperative that a couple should do some due diligence before running to the first or the closest fertility clinic they find. Assisted reproduction is a major life-changing event for a couple, and one must ensure that you get the best fertility treatment that is available to you. Some essential considerations one must deliberate before deciding on the best fertility treatment centre:

Qualified doctors: A fertility clinic that has a panel of IVF specialists who are highly experienced and qualified doctors should be your preferred choice. You have a better chance of getting the right fertility treatment from a reputed and experienced doctor who knows their job than from an unknown doctor who lacks the required expertise.

Comfort level: It is important to choose a doctor with whom you have a good comfort level.If you are comfortable with a doctor and their ability to explain the treatments and procedures to you, then you should stick with that doctor.

Good facilities: A fertility clinic that has good facilities should be your priority. Enquiring regarding hospitals fertility facilities and equipment will help you to decide. Good facilities include the use of the latest techniques and advanced technology equipment.

Reputation: The reputation of a Fertility clinic is based on their service, success and expertise. A reputation is earned and cannot be bought. It is always better to consult with a known and reputed IVF clinic for fertility treatment. Your life and the future of your lives are at stake here.

Success rate: A fertility clinic that has a high success rate means that they know what they are doing and are committed to doing a good job. Studying the success rate of a clinic is an important factor when deciding on which clinic you should choose for your fertility treatment.

IVF Fertility Treatment

In vitro fertilisation is a term that many people are now quite familiar with. This covers a number of different fertility treatments depending on the test results and medical diagnosis of a couple.

Different fertility clinics follow different procedures. In some clinics, the doctor will diagnose the problem and decide the treatment while keeping the patient in the dark. The patient just undergoes the treatment without knowing much about it, and they are expected to do as they are told. If anything goes wrong, the patient is blamed for not following instructions.

At a Medicover Fertility Centre, the Fertility Consultant will explain the diagnosis to the couple and advise them of the options available for fertility treatment. The couples are included in every area of the decision making, and no procedure is carried out without the knowledge and consent of the couple.

Having a baby is a very special experience for any parent. Many infertile couples visit Medicover Fertility Clinic for medical assistance to help them get pregnant. Medicover has a high success rate with a Medicover baby being born every 3 hours around the world.