what are the foods that can improve male infertility

The era of pinning the blame on the woman if a couple is not able to conceive is over. Today men realise that they could also be equally responsible. However, many men tend to shy away from medical treatment. What a man eats and does has a direct impact on his fertility. If there is a way to improve male fertility though changes in the diet, a man would prefer to try this than undergo treatment and medication. Male infertility is quite common now days. Among the couples who have fertility problems and are unable to conceive, doctors have found that almost 20% of the time the problem is only with the male partner.

While infertility among couples is on the rise there is also a significant increase in male infertility. Many men suffer from poor sperm health or low sperm count. To ensure that you have a successful conception and pregnancy a couple must plan accordingly. Before try to conceive it is advisable to eat foods that increase fertility in males. A few months of preparation can help improve your chances of conception.

Sperm takes about three months to grow. Hence a good diet of foods that increase fertility in males should be followed for at least six months to a year. This will ensure that you are in peak fertile health with high quality sperm by the time you start planning your baby.

Whether you opt for assisted reproduction through IVF or try to conceive naturally, the quality of your sperm needs to be good. The chances of success through IVF treatment is reduced for males with poor quality sperm. So even if you are planning an IVF baby you still need to ensure a healthy diet for healthy sperm.

Let us look at some foods that increase fertility in males. What should you eat for naturally improving you fertility?

A diet that is rich in nutrition. A diet that includes a good proportion of fruits and vegetables is advisable. Many leafy green vegetables, beans and fruit contain folic acid. Folic acid helps to prevent chromosome abnormalities in the sperm.

The foods that men should include in their diet include tomatoes, capsicum, broccoli, garlic, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, lentils, blue berries, pomegranates and dark chocolate. All of these contribute in improving male fertility.

Water for male fertility

It is essential to drink plenty of water for your natural body functioning as well as to improve your fertility health. Water is believed to improve sperm production as well as ejaculation. Water in its natural form is the healthiest choice.

Foods to eliminate from your diet

Avoid caffeine, alcohol, soft drinks and energy drinks as these are believed to lower sperm count. Junk food is something that should be strictly cut out of your diet. Fatty and fried foods along with sugary foods are categorised as junk food. This also includes doughnuts. These foods can seriously impair male fertility.

Fish – what to avoid and what to include

Fish with a high content of mercury should be avoided. Fish high in mercury are mackerel, swordfish, tuna and shark among few others. Try and eat omega rich fish such as salmon.

Shell fish is rich in zinc and advisable for male fertility. Some people believe that oysters are extremely good for boosting male fertility. The ancient belief system supports that parents who eat a rich fish diet are inclined to have intelligent children.

A healthy and nutritious diet will not only improve your fertility but will also have a very good effect on your overall health and wellbeing. A good diet also supports a healthy libido. Healthy parents result in a healthy baby. Every parent longs for a healthy baby.