Foods that Increase Fertility | Foods to Increase Fertility and Ovulation

Some women wonder if food has any impact on fertility. The growing awareness of infertility creates concern among young girls and their mothers. Every new bride aspires to have a fertile reproductive system.


Improve the health of your reproductive organs by eating right

Eating a healthy diet is good for your reproductive system and your general overall health as well. With infertility on the rise, many couples, especially women, are exploring foods that increase fertility. Our body requires a certain amount of vitamins and minerals to function correctly. The lack of certain important vitamins and minerals can cause numerous health issues.

There are certain foods that can help increase fertility. You can better your ovulatory function by eating the right recommended foods. Some foods can help keep your hormones in balance, which is also important. A hormonal imbalance can affect your ability to conceive. Scientific research has proved that there are some foods that increase fertility. So let’s take a look at what you should eat to help you to conceive easily.

Complex carbs are recommended rather than simple ones. Good carbs are found in fibre of vegetables, fruit and whole grains. Simple carbs like cakes, biscuits, white bread and rice digest fast and turn into blood sugar. A high content of insulin in the blood is believed to inhibit ovulation. Some deep-fried foods like French fries are better avoided. This is what one would call bad carbs.

Proteins from plants are recommended. Include a good amount of beans, leafy vegetables and tofu in your diet. Nuts and seeds are also rich in protein. Meats are a rich of protein; however, this depends on personal choice. Fish is high in protein as well as omega oils. Many people who do not eat meat are open to eating fish. A belief in many parts of India is that pregnant mothers who eat fish will have intelligent babies.

Dairy products are great for helping to improve ovulation. Researchers have found that full-fat dairy products are more nutritious than low-fat dairy products. So women who are keen to be mothers should add a large quantity of dairy products to their diet. Full cream milk, yogurt, cottage cheese (paneer), lassi etc. whatever form of dairy you like, indulge yourself. A bowl of fresh cream and chopped fresh fruit is a great way to start your day.

Water is very important, and all women should ensure that they drink plenty of water. Water helps in transporting hormones and follicles within your body. Water also thins down cervical mucus.Some research believes that this makes it easier for the sperm to reach their destination.

Foods to improve ovulation

There are certain foods that are specifically believed to improve ovulation. A woman with a healthy ovulation cycle is more likely to conceive easily. Foods that increase fertility include leafy green vegetables, legumes, sweet potato, eggs, meat and fish.

Foods that can negatively affect fertility

While there are many foods that women are advised to eat, there are also many foods that one should street clear of. Your intake of coffee and alcohol should be minimised as much as possible. Aerated cold drinks and canned juices are not recommended. All processed foods should be totally avoided. Eating home-cooked food is the best way to improve your health and fertility.

Your overall health has a great impact on your ability to conceive. Eating healthy is the first step to improving your health and wellbeing. When you eat a well-balanced nutritious diet and eliminate foods that are not good, it also helps to keep your weight in check. Fertility problems are not easy to deal with, and it is advisable to consult with a fertility consultant to correctly help and advise you. when you plan on starting a family.