Female Infertility-Effects of Smoking on Female Fertility

A healthy baby is a result of a wholesome, nutritious diet and healthy lifestyle habits by both parents. Parents who are planning to have a baby need to analyse their diet and lifestyle habits. All bad habits that could hinder your ability to conceive naturally or even through assisted fertility techniques should be stopped. They should be replaced with healthy options.

Pregnant mothers need to ensure that they remain in a clean and healthy environment free from toxic gases, smoke and other air pollutants such as second-hand smoke from cigarettes. Eating a healthy and nutritious diet ensure that your baby receives all the proper nutrients to develop in a healthy manner.

Why women smoke?

Smoking among women in urban areas has become quite rampant. Working women are more inclined to smoke than those who are housewives. Though there is no general bias for this. A very large percentage of the modern woman smokes cigarettes in today’s day and age. Some women believe that having the freedom to smoke has liberated them from the orthodox confines and put them on par with men.

Effects of smoking on the female reproductive organs

Smoking can seriously impair the normal functioning of the female reproductive organs right from hindering the proper working of the ovaries to adversely affecting the healthy environment in the uterus.

Female egg quality is seriously hampered in smoking women. Smoking also affects the DNA of the egg, which could result in malformation of the embryo.

Pregnancy complications

There is a high risk of birth defects in expecting mothers who smoke or are exposed to second-hand smoke from their partners or other people around them. They may experience babies born with abnormalities or low birth weight. Smoking mothers are also at risk for premature babies.

Mothers expecting a female child could end up impacting the proper development of the baby’s ovaries, by smoking or exposing herself to second-hand smoke. Thus you are increasing the possibility of giving birth to an infertile daughter by smoking.

The risk of an ectopic pregnancy or a miscarriage is greatly increased in pregnant women who smoke. The chances of a miscarriage are increased by 1% for each cigarette smoked while you are expecting.

Early menopause

The adverse effect of smoking on the female reproductive organs also extends to inducing early menopause. The female reproductive system shuts down early and ageing sets in a few years earlier than it normally would have. Even second-hand smoke impacts your ageing time clock.

Reversing the effects of smoking

Even though smoking has many adverse health effects, the good news is that these effects can be reversed to quite a large extent by quitting the habit. Ideally, it takes between 3 to 6 months to reverse the negative impact of smoking, but women who are planning to have a baby should give it a break of at least a year before planning a child. This extended time frame helps to eliminate the dangers and risks that may be carried to your baby through the traces of nicotine in your body.

To conceive a healthy baby, both parents need to ensure that they are healthy and clean from any unhealthy habits that could affect the proper development and growth of the embryo.