Sedentary Lifestyle Effects on Fertility

The lifestyle of people has a huge bearing on their fertility quotient. Those who follow a holistic lifestyle are likely to be more fertile than the ones whose lifestyle is unhinged and decrepit. A lot of scientific studies have highlighted the fact that an unhealthy lifestyle leads to a decline in fertility among both men and women. Unhealthy lifestyle is one of the major reasons behind infertility. There are some factors related to infertility which are not in the hands of people and cannot be prevented, but one can easily preserve fertility and increase the possibility of conception by following an active lifestyle.

Usually, men who are plump and overweight, produce sperm of poor quality. It is an established medical fact that obesity adversely affects the quality as well quantity of sperm. Among women, the quality and quantity of eggs take a beating due to the unhealthy lifestyle. Both sperm and eggs require a high level of energy to be robust. Energy ensures sturdy motility of sperm and segregation of chromosomes in eggs. To have an adequate reservoir of energy, one has to follow an all-encompassing diet that is nutritious and has the right mix of different vitamins.

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To start with, one must steer clear of junk food, cold drinks, excessive consumption of caffeine and alcohol. Unhygienic street food must also be strictly avoided. Also, one must strive to strike a fine balance between personal and professional lives. Excessive stress and anxiety due to long working hours or workload take their toll on fertility.