Cost of IVF Treatment

When a couple contemplates IVF treatment as an option to grow their family, many aspects need to be considered. Emotional and medical factors being the important ones, the cost of IVF treatment, however, is the decisive factor. Since the cost of IVF treatment in India is not covered by insurance and paying for the procedure from one's own pockets can affect their finances. So, a couple before inquiring about ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies) or before visiting any Infertility clinic always ask about the cost of the treatment.

What is IVF cost (or test tube baby cost) in India?

The Cost of IVF In India is still very much affordable when compared to other Western countries. However, the cost of the treatment would depend on some factors. So, it’s better to break down the price of an IVF cycle into separate steps and then understanding the different factors which can influence the total cost. This breakdown in the IVF package will help couples seeking infertility treatment in understanding the cost of IVF.

IVF involves a series of procedure, such as ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval procedure and embryo transfer. The cost of each cycle may vary from clinic to clinic and from city to city and will include the cost of laboratory investigations, ultrasounds and medicines. So, a patient should always ask whether the treatment cost quoted to them consists of the cost of fertility drugs, blood test, follicular monitoring and ultrasound. Asking questions before starting the treatment can save them from high medical bills.

The factors influencing the cost of an IVF cycle are-

Cost of Laboratory Investigations:

The infertility diagnosis will comprise laboratory investigations:

  • For Females:A Blood test to check egg reserve (AMH test) and the levels of essential hormones before and during cycle management. A blood test to check for viral markers. Moreover, after an embryo transfer has been done, a blood test to check for pregnancy (Beta HCG).
  • For Males:Semen analysis to check for sperm count, sperm motility and sperm morphology. And, a blood test to check for viral markers.

Cost of Ultrasounds:

Ultrasounds are an essential part of an IVF cycle as it helps to monitor the ovaries to determine when the eggs are ready for retrieval. It also helps the Doctors to investigate a female’s reproductive morphology like:

  • The shape and structure of the uterus.
  • The size of the ovaries.
  • The endometrial thickness.
  • Antral follicle count that gives an insight into the number of eggs left in the ovaries.

Cost of IVF Medications:

The cost of an IVF cycle will also depend on the medications that are used in different steps of an IVF procedure. The initiation of an IVF cycle starts with injections for the development of eggs, which is known as the Ovarian Stimulation phase.

  • Ovarian stimulation -The cost of the oral and injectable fertility drugs and hormones used to stimulate the ovaries will depend on a woman’s AMH count. If the AMH value is low, then more medicines will be needed to stimulate the ovaries so that it can grow more mature eggs. Hence, in these cases, the cost of medications will be higher, thus affecting your overall IVF cost.
  • Egg retrieval -After the ovaries have been stimulated with fertility drugs, ovulation is triggered. During this time, a patient needs to visit a clinic so that a doctor can surgically retrieve her eggs for IVF. This procedure is performed under ultrasound guidance.

Cost of Anesthesia:

The egg retrieval procedure is done under anesthesia and is generally administered by an anesthesiologist who comes to the clinic for the procedure only, so the cost of anesthesia will be billed separately by the doctor and will be included in the IVF cost.

Cost of Embryo Freezing:

If in an IVF cycle, after embryo transfer, viable embryos are left then the couple can opt to store them via cryopreservation (freezing) for future use. This will be charged separately.

Cost of Laparoscopy/Hysteroscopy:

A procedure like laparoscopy and hysteroscopy if indicated, will be charged separately and thus increase the IVF cost.

Cost of OT Charges:

The OT charges, nursing charges and fees of the Doctors are also included in the IVF package.

The other factors that can influence IVF treatment cost are:

Factors that can affect the cost of IVF treatment will also depend on the type of IVF that a couple opts. Because every person is different, so the treatment plan for every individual should be based on his/her medical condition.


If IVF is done using one’s own eggs and sperm, then the cost will include the cost of medications and other charges that are needed in the different steps involved in an IVF procedure as mentioned above.

Donor Egg/Sperm IVF: 

IVF cost with Donor egg/Donor sperm will be more because there are additional costs involved. In such cases, the patient must pay for the eggs or sperm, and for the medicines that were used to retrieve the eggs from the donor. The quality of the egg extracted is good because it has been retrieved from younger women. Donor eggs are usually more expensive than donor sperm.

Donor Embryo IVF: 

The cost of donor embryo IVF will be less because there is no need of stimulation medications, as we are using a readymade embryo for embryo transfer. The ovarian stimulation and the egg retrieval process are skipped. So, the cost will include the cost of embryo, along with the process of embryo transfer and supportive medicines to hold the pregnancy.


The IVF surrogacy package will be high because the cost for all medical and other associated expenses of the surrogate, along with her living expense will be included in the package.

Advanced treatment

The latest advances in In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) has helped to increase the success rate and hence gives the couples a better chance of achieving their dreams. The necessity of advanced fertility treatment would also depend on one’s medical condition.

Testicular Sperm Aspiration (TESA):

In cases of severe male-factor infertility where there is no sperm present in the male’s ejaculate, TESA is suggested. It is a procedure that is performed under sedation and allows sperm to be retrieved directly from the testicles. If this procedure is indicated, it will increase the cost of IVF.

Micro-dissection TESE (Micro-TESE):

Microsurgical TESE (Micro-TESE) is a surgical procedure used to find sperm in men with non-obstructive azoospermia or in cases of extreme testicular disappointment.The specialist looks at the testicles under a microscope to find healthy areas of seminiferous tubules. This is a much expensive procedure and if suggested, will increase the cost of IVF.

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI):

This procedure is helpful in cases of male-factor infertility, such as low sperm count, low sperm motility and poor sperm morphology. In this procedure, a single good quality sperm is injected directly into the cytoplasm of a mature egg to aid fertilization. ICSI will increase the cost of IVF.

Assisting Hatching:

It is a technique which improves the implantation of embryos into a woman’s uterine lining by creating an opening through which the embryonic cells can hatch out. Pregnancy cannot occur unless the embryo hatches. Just before embryo implantation, the developing embryo must hatch out of its outer shell (zona pellucida). Some embryos seem to have a thicker shell that may diminish their ability to hatch and reduce the likelihood that they will implant. This may be due to the age of the woman or other unknown reasons. This procedure will increase the IVF cost.

Endometrial Receptivity Assay:

The endometrial receptivity of endometrium can be checked through a molecular diagnostic test which helps to locate the implantation window, so a personalized embryo transfer can be done to reduce the chances of implantation failure. This test will increase the IVF cost.

IVF Package

The cost of IVF in India or anywhere is primarily dependent on the age factor, the reasons behind patient’s infertility and their past medical history. Hence it varies from person to person.

The IVF cost in India, including all surgical procedures, tests, and treatments, normally ranges between 1 - 1.5 lakhs. The IVF treatment cost in India is rising day by day, due to the modern diagnostic test and methods, that are being used to aid and facilitate infertility treatment cost.

The IVF treatment cost in India is directly proportional to the type and number of times these techniques are used. However, 3 IVF cycle at the cost of 1 at Medicover Fertility has not only made it affordable for the patients to seek world-class IVF treatment but also has multiplied their chances of conception, compared to a single cycle.

Here is the indicative Cost of IVF Treatment:

Package Inclusion Price Range (INR)
Pre-Investigation 10,000 - 12,000
Stimulation 45,000 - 60,000
OPU (Ovum Pick-Up) 30,000
Embryology 30,000
Embryo Transfer 20,000

*All the figures represent an estimated value and may vary from patient-to-patient.

India is a Preferred Destination for IVF Treatment

India is making advancement in medical and health research and gives the best treatment and services as per the requirement and satisfaction in terms of cost and other healthcare services. We are also amongst the leading countries in medical tourism.

People prefer to choose IVF treatment in India, as it is incredibly affordable to the cost they would actually bear in their own countries.

  • Our IVF specialists provide services on par with other countries
  • The State-of-art technology treatment is very costly in other advanced countries, which in India is quite affordable.
  • Language is not a barrier in India as we have a majority of English-speaking Staff.

Important Check List for IVF Treatment

  • It is important to ensure the inclusions in the IVF treatment cost by asking for the same.
  • It must also be noted that – not all IVF cycles are successful in first attempts, based on the person’s medical and other history and unexplained causes.
  • The fertility clinics should be chosen on the basis of experienced and expert doctors and not merely on the basis of IVF cost.

One must be mentally prepared as there might be chances of more than one baby.


A couple needs to prepare themselves emotionally, physically and financially before planning an IVF. If a patient wants an estimate of IVF cost, then they need to provide the treating Fertility Consultant with a detailed medical history. So that the Doctor can chalk out a personalized treatment plan and according to that, the financial counsellor can give a complete breakup of the tests and procedures involved.

We at Medicover Fertility are here to help you

Transparency is one of the most important criteria, and we at Medicover Fertility follow it honestly. Before starting any treatment, our financial counsellor will discuss in detail the expected cost of the treatment. So that after the procedure gets over, you don’t find any discrepancy in the cost. We at Medicover Fertility have kept our treatment cost affordable and provide EMI facility with a 0% interest rate.

To know more about IVF cost or test tube baby cost, you can call us at +917862800700 or mail us at with a detailed medical history. Our financial counsellor will guide you with the cost of IVF treatment.


Q – How much does each IVF cycle cost?

A – The cost of each IVF cycle in India varies from place to place, and country to country, depending upon the cost of each processes involved in the treatment and the excellency & experience of fertility experts. 

Q – How much does it Cost for IVF in India?

A – The cost of IVF treatment in India, varies from place to place, usually around 1.5 lakhs to 2.5 lakhs per cycle.

Q – What is the success rate of IVF in first try?

A – The chance of having a baby in the first try of IVF treatment is comparatively higher.

Q – Can you choose Gender with IVF?

A – The gender selection in India is illegal, which is why you cannot choose the gender.

Q – Why is IVF Expensive?

A – The reason behind the IVF being expensive is the many stages of preparation it requires before and after the treatment, that adds up to the cost.