Connection between stress and infertility

You might have heard a lot of people telling you that stress causes a plethora of ailments and health problems. According to them, these problems include infertility too. However, experts and IVF specialists state that stress or tension has no effect on the fertility of a person. A great example of this statement is a pregnant woman oblivious of her pregnancy. She may be in tremendous tension due to work or personal life and more.

They might not even know that they are pregnant until they miss their period, feel symptoms such as food cravings, tender and sore breasts, nausea, et cetera and take a home pregnancy thereafter to find its result as positive. Furthermore, they do activities that are usually deemed as unhealthy for pregnancy, but nothing really affects them or their baby even at such a delicate stage.

Several specialists from the best IVF treatment hospitals and clinics affirm that in an array of teenagers indulge in sexual intercourse without any protection. These teens suffer major trauma and shock in case they get pregnant. They have apprehension regarding the society, their education, as well as their child’s future along with so many other things. But even their stress does not affect their pregnancy, and they have to either manually abort the baby or continue with the pregnancy. Had stress had any effect on the pregnancy, they would have suffered a miscarriage.

Infertility specialists recommend their patients to not completely block apprehension, anxiety or pressure from themselves. These emotions are natural to human beings and as humane as furling relaxed and happy. No one can escape their grasp on us. Hence, patients need to relax and just go with the flow while taking each day as it comes.

The only factors that may affect pregnancy include bad eating habits, immobility, consumption of toxic and potentially fatal substances like nicotine and carcinogens.

Although stress is not that harmful to pregnancy, contrary to what it is perceived to be. In fact, it is quite a natural phenomenon, and there is no running away from it.