Commonly Asked Questions by Our Patients during Coronavirus Pandemic

Answers to the Most Commonly Asked Questions by Our Patients are:

Q – How Medicover is ensuring safety in its Labs during Corona Virus?

A – Medicover Fertility in India follows the guidelines issued by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) to provide best fertility treatment to our patients. With Excellent air quality, cryopreservation facilities, world class instruments, real time alarming system etc. in our Labs, we provide a clean environment that ensures safety to embryos, sperms, eggs etc.

Moreover, in light of the recent viral infection, we have maintained proper hygiene protocols, including lab disinfection and screening etc. that provides utmost security to embryos, eggs, sperms etc. We have locked down all our clinics which means neither any patient nor staff is visiting our clinics which has made our clinics completely safe and isolated. Only our embryologists are visiting the labs during the lockdown for quality maintenance.

Q- Are my Embryos exposed to any risk of Corona Virus?

A - All the embryos are kept in our labs are fully secured and are not exposed to any such risk. The tanks in which we store embryos and sperm resemble very large thermos flask. They have vacuum insulated wall and are specially designed to contain liquid nitrogen gas. We keep all our storage tank within the secure lab space under the watchful eye of our highly trained embryology staff.

Q - Why my treatment has been stopped?

A - Medicover has postponed all the stimulations and it is not recommended to do pickup during this time. It is also strongly recommended that women should avoid pregnancy during this time so no Embryo Transfers are done in Medicover. This is only to ensure the safety of our patients only.

Q – My cycles have started, when will my stimulation start?

A – Being a responsible fertility solution provider, we will assess the situation of COVID-19 and will then open our clinics to resume operations. Our fertility guides shall be in touch with you to provide any required information and will inform you once the we start our clinics again. The doctors will plan your treatment post discussion with you and then your treatment will be started. Just remember, your safety is our top priority.

Q – When will be my ET done and Do I need to take any special precaution?

A – Once your embryos or oocytes are securely frozen in Medicover labs, you are required to wait to resume operations in our clinics. Once our experts assess the situation of COVID-19 and advise to open, then we will start doing embryo transfer. You will get all the information from our fertility guides to visit the clinics where doctors will start planning your embryo transfers. In the meantime, you are required to make sure that you stay at home, maintain social distancing and take all precautions to keep yourself safe from corona virus infection. We also suggest that you keep your fit during this time by doing followings-

  1. Follow healthy diet have fruits, green vegetables and dairy products in accordance with your doctor’s advice.
  2. Keep yourself stress free and take care of your mental health
  3. Do physical exercise or Yoga to keep yourself fit after consulting your physician

Q – Any Extra precautions for the pregnant patient and any Special Diet? Do’s and Don’ts?

A –  You should follow social distancing and should avoid contact with anyone who has symptoms of corona virus.

You should follow healthy eating habits. Include fruits, green vegetables and dairy products etc. in your diet in accordance with your doctor’s advice.

Q – Since we have booked for the treatment and paid for the entire amount via 0% loan, I want my EMI to start after the Lockdown ends, else cancel my loan! (Finance Query) treatment has not yet started.

A – The Patients who want to stop their EMI, should go through the plan of Bajaj Finance moratorium ( ) and consult them directly to help themselves. 

Q – Any Diet Chart and Work-out Schedule, which aid in pregnancy?

A – The woman is required to follow a balanced and healthy diet routine along with folic acid supplementation. The work-out routine should only be performed after prior approval from doctor.

As also according to current situation of coronavirus pandemic, she should take actions to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. Simple steps like washing hands regularly, maintaining social distancing, avoid touching face, etc. can be of great help.

Q – How much time one shall take to plan pregnancy post corona pandemic?

A – Planning pregnancy post coronavirus pandemic should be done when the country overcomes the biggest challenge of COVID-19 and the National government and local health authorities give clearance in this regard. We will be constantly updating prevailing situation on our website regarding fertility treatment. It is advisable that you should also have consultation with  doctor before planning pregnancy.