Comes Next Repeated IVF Failure?

Repeated IVF failure is not easy for couples who are desperately trying to have a baby. Couples feel helpless when repetitive IVF cycles keep failing to help them get pregnant. They turn to the doctor in the hope of some miraculous solution for this repeated IVF failure. The reasons for repeated IVF failure in perfect conditions are unexplainable as are many acts of nature. Doctors try their best to figure out a reason behind the failed IVF procedure, but scientific research has not got all the answers as yet.

There are times when there is no medical problem with the uterus or reproductive system, and yet the patient is unable to get pregnant. It becomes difficult for doctors to explain what is controlled by the laws of nature and that which even they do not fully understand.

Sometimes a doctor may be able to identify some change that could improve the chances of the IVF procedure and advise patients to try again. Doctors attempt multiple cycles hoping that this one will succeed. In an IVF procedure, a Medicover doctor is as involved as the patient, and they are all as eager for the success of the treatment.

In the normal process of conception, the success rate is about 20% and hence even with the IVF procedure doctors suggest multiple tries. However, when the patient undergoes repeated IVF failure, there comes a time when both patient and doctor concede to the failure.

To help the success of the IVF procedure a doctor may suggest a change of environment, taking a holiday, techniques to reduce stress and live a more relaxed life, keeping a positive mindset and various other therapeutic practices. Many times these do help, but sometimes they may not yield the desired results.

When this does not work, and every IVF attempt has failed, the doctor is presented with the difficult task of suggesting the next course of action. This is a matter of life and not an experiment where one can try different eggs or sperms or another uterus.

At this point, a doctor can suggest the different available options, but the couple are left to make their own decision. Most doctors suggest taking that the couple takes their time to consider the alternate options available like donor eggs, donor sperm, donor embryo or even surrogacy. These are life-changing choices that have to be thought through with a calm mind, and both partners have to be in total agreement.

Couples should ideally consult with their family members or close friends or even spiritual guides. This is a very important decision and needs to be made with careful consideration and family support. It is not easy for a doctor to make any suggestion in this situation as they do not want to influence the decision in any way.

Many couples would like the doctors to advise them on which is the best course of action after repeated IVF failure. By this point, their affinity with the doctor has grown, and they have come to emotionally depend on the doctor to guide them. To suddenly find that the doctor is backing off and telling them to make their own decision is like finding themselves on a rudderless boat in the middle of the ocean. This is also difficult for the doctor to do, considering the bond that has developed. However, as a medical professional, a doctor has to step aside and allow the couple to make their life-changing decision on their own accord. Each couple has to live with the consequences of their choice