What are the Causes Of Early Menopause | Medicover Fertility

Most of the women are tad uptight about Early Menopause as it is directly connected to their fertility quotient. When women start inching towards menopause or reach there, it gets increasingly difficult for them to attain pregnancy. Hence, many of them consult fertility experts or visit fertility clinics for issues related to their menstrual cycle. Here are 6 causes which expedite the process of Menopause.

Here are 6 causes which expedite the process of Menopause:

a) Usage of Plastic: Eating and drinking out of plastic accessories have a negative impact on the human body. Plastic contains chemicals such as ‘phthalates’ which are deleterious for fertility. Moreover, do not put plastic appliances or utensils in Microwave for heating up food items as the heating of plastic paraphernalia emits noxious gases which are quite harmful.

b) Perfumes and Colognes: Most of the perfumes and colognes contain ‘phthalates’ unless specified otherwise. Hence one must be exceedingly discreet while buying perfumes and cologne to ensure that they are sans phthalates. One must smell terrific but use perfumes which are not baneful for the body. The same holds true for healthcare and beauty products.

c) Meat and Animal By-Products: One doesn’t need to be totally vegetarian, but it’s a scientifically proven fact that if one eats the meat of those animals that consume contaminated & shoddy food or live in squalor, it has a bearing on their menopause.

d) Pesticides and Herbicides: Pesticides and Herbicides contain noxious chemicals & elements which are likely to have an adverse effect on fertility and cause Early Menopause. One must focus on consuming organic products which are pesticide-free.

e) Smoking: Smoking entails an array of afflictions, including cancer and heart diseases. Plummeting fertility prowess is also one of the major repercussions of Smoking. Smoking has antiestrogen effects that can contribute to early menopause. An analysis of several studies shows that long-term or regular smokers are likely to experience menopause sooner than others.

f) Environmental Toxins as Endocrine Disruptors: PFC, PFOA and PFOS toxins (perfluorocarbons, perfluorooctanoate and perfluorooctane sulfonate) are all man-made chemicals, and PFC, in particular, is a greenhouse gas which is well-known to deplete the ozone layer. These particularly nasty chemical toxins are found in many household items, clothing, furniture, carpet and paints. PFOA is found in non-stick pots and pans and most especially the T-fal brand, and is also used as a stain guard and on carpets and furniture. One study found that women who had high levels of PFCOA’s and PFO’s were much more likely to experience early menopause than those women whose levels were significantly lower.