• What Is Miscarriage and Why Does It Happen?

    It is a fact of life that some pregnancies fail, and this holds true for women who experience fertility issues, as well as those who don’t. In fact, early pregnancy loss is very common – to the extent that some obstetricians consider early losses a normal part of the reproductive process. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), miscarriage is the most common type...
  • Natural IVF Cycle Better Standard IVF Cycle?

    There are many infertile couples who are perplexed about whether to opt for natural cycle IVF or standard (also known as stimulated) cycle IVF. In natural cycle IVF, medications are not used to stimulate the female’s ovaries to produce multiple eggs. The one egg a woman releases during her normal monthly cycle is collected and fertilized. However, other IVF steps are required. Injections to trigger...
  • Take Control Fertiliy Preserve Eggs

    Several years ago, news portal DNA India noted the trend of women marrying later in life: “A mindset-shift is in progress in India. In a country where half the girls were pushed into wedlock before they turned 18 or more, women are exchanging wedding vows late.” A piece published last year in the Economic Times identified travel and career as bigger priorities than relationships for women. “Women...
  • Stay Positive Embryo Transfer

    In the In vitro fertilization (IVF) process, sperm are introduced to the egg for fertilization outside the woman’s body. The fertilized organism is referred to as an embryo. After the embryo has been cultured in an incubator for a few days, it is transferred to the uterus of the female partner. When the embryo successfully implants inside the uterus, pregnancy is the result.
  • Link Stress Fertility

    We all experience stress in our lives. Thanks to the vast array of technologies that enable us to remain connected around the clock, no matter where we are, we are constantly “on”. It’s not a healthy way to live. It may be a fact of life these days, but stress can have a significant impact on your health and your ability to conceive.
  • The Benefits Of Acupuncture

    Fertility specialists report that it is common to meet patients who are overwhelmed by stress and tension. Their inability to start a family, the pressure from their families to have a child, the prospect of complicated or costly treatment in order to achieve their goal are all causes for stress. Some patients were under significant stress before they began trying – perhaps due to their job or...
  • Pressure to Start a Family

    It’s common across cultures and generations. Not long after a newly married couple establishes their home and embarks on their life together, the question comes: So when will you start a family? The question comes again and again until the couple finally produces a baby. (Before long, the next question follows: When will you have another?)
  • Unexplained Infertility Mean

    “Unexplained infertility” is among the possible diagnoses for fertility problems. Medicine is not a perfect science, and sometimes it’s not possible to identify the cause of a problem. This happens in all areas of medicine. However, for the couple on the receiving end of this fertility diagnosis, it is both confusing and frustrating. How can “unexplained” be a diagnosis?
  • IVF Treatment Fails

    In vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment represents a great advancement for couples who experience fertility challenges. But there is no fertility treatment with a guaranteed 100% success rate. That means for some; it will not work. At least not in the first attempt.
  • The Advantages Of Cutting-Edge IVF Clinics

    Like any other treatment, the success rate in IVF is not 100%, but the chances of success are enhanced substantially if one chooses an IVF clinic that has a solid infrastructure, advanced equipment/technologies, and well-trained, experienced doctors & scientists. In many IVF cases, the difference between success and failure is often only the quality of the IVF clinic.